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Write For Us(Guest Post For HowTo9ja)

Guest Post For Us As An Individual

Yeah!! So there’s something that people have been getting wrong and you feel NO!!!! that’s not how it is done and you want to tell the

World most especially Nigerians how it is done but still you don’t have strength to create a blog? guess what, How-To-Nigeria is here for you! All you have to do is email us at [email protected] ow!! You are not really

Good with all this email stuffs? All you have to do is whatsapp us @ +2348124710992.

Ahah!! You don’t use whatsapp too??? NO WAY you do.. lol.


You can actually write for us, all our simple requirements is

  1. Your Full Name at least two
  2. Your social media handles{Should in case someone needs your services}
  3. Your article should be over 300 words abeg!!
  4. Don’t write big big grammar biko, keep it simple! You can even write with pidgin.
  5. And ehmmmm! Pray we … never mind! just email us.
  6. The only links we allow here are links to your social media unless it is crucial

Thank You in anticipation!

Guest Post For Us As A Company

Hello! If you want to write for Howto9ja as a company, you are also welcome to do that.

Requirements include:

  1. The content should be above 600 words
  2. If possible the title should start with ‘How To’
  3. If the post you are making is a promotional post, then finances will be discussed but for the time being, you can compensate us in ways other than money, the include Giving us a DO Follow link on your site etc.
  4.  The article has to be original and unique to our site.
  5. We want you to write for us.