How To Upload Videos On YouTube

How To Upload Video On Youtube

How To Upload Video On Youtube: Good day! Hope you are cool? YouTube is here to stay, the Google empire keeps expanding, statistics show that over 1.5billion videos are streamed via YouTube in a month.

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That’s really huge and lest you don’t know, people are making MILLIONS from YouTube. YouTube is not meant for leisure alone it could,

in fact, help shoot your business over the skies by posting videos that educate, review, inform and teach your users and targeted customers.

This tutorial here will be showing you one of the basic things every Youtuber should know, that is how to upload videos on YouTube.

Our post here will teach you three different methods to upload your YouTube videos, this methods cuts across all forms of devices possible including your Mobile and PC device.

You’ll be learning How To Upload Youtube Videos ;

  • With The Mobile App
  • With your mobile device
  • With your PC.

Terms To Note When You Upload Video On YouTube

Below are some terms you may come in contact with when you go on your mission to upload YouTube videos.

This terms cuts across your mobile device, your mobile app, and your PC.


Go Live: This option here is mostly good for those who have massive followers, here your subscribers watch you as you record a live event. The video doesn’t store.

Record: This option is almost similar to “Upload” here you can make a quick record of something and upload it immediately. It makes use of your camera this videos are seldom clear, you can’t edit it or add anything to it. Videos here are rough.

Upload: YouTube doesn’t give an option called “Upload” all it does is show you your most recent videos, in this case, if you have the video you wish to upload stored on your device, you should find it easily.(FOR MOBILE)

YouTube Privacies

Public: When you set your YouTube video to be public you allow the video to be seen and suggested to basically anyone who has access to YouTube. Public videos can be seen in your channel’s section.

Videos that you upload for the purpose of education, call to action, advertise your brand and looking for ways to attract an audience should be set as private.

Unlisted: When you set your video to Unlisted, only people who you shared the link to or who can access the link can watch it. It wouldn’t be visible in your channel video’s section,

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therefore, wouldn’t be suggested or discoverable to users. The Unlisted settings work best when you wish to share a particular video to those you deem fit for it.

Private: YouTube videos set to private can be seen by you and the Gmail users you choose to see this video. They don’t show up on your channel and are not discoverable to users.

Scheduled: The name gives it up. A scheduled video is a video that goes from “Private” to “Public” when you upload a video and set it to schedule, you inform YouTube that

“The video shouldn’t be visible until a particular date you choose”. The interesting part of this method is, you could set up series like this.

YouTube Metadata

Description: The name says it all, here you describe the video, I suggest you give a short and concise description, you don’t want your users to know every information in the video before they watch it. That’s bad business ๐Ÿ™„

Tags: Tags are kind of brief summary about your videos, I’ll call them keywords this could burst your video up in search. Assuming you are posting a video about “Annoying Cats” OMG! I really love cats ๐Ÿ˜‰. Your tags will be something like “Cats, Funny, Playful, Pets,” you get huh?

Annotations: This is a kind of edit mostly carried out with your PC, the additional notes, points, pauses, etc while your video is playing.

Video Format YouTube Accepts

YouTube accepts the following formats:

  • AVI (Audio-Video Interleaved)
  • 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project)
  • MOV (QuickTime Movie)
  • MP4 (Motion Picture Experts Group Part 14)
  • MPEG or.MPG (Motion Picture Experts Group)
  • FLV (Adobe Flash)
  • M4V (h.264)
  • WMV (Windows Media Video)
  • WEBM (HTML5) – Source from wikihow

How To Upload Videos On YouTube With The Mobile App

These steps are mainly for Mobile Phones, YouTube has an app that could be used to not only watch videos but also to control your YouTube channel.

Step 1: Locate your YouTube mobile app. Google owns YouTube, Google also owns android os, they seized that opportunity to embeds YouTube to most android devices.

So if you have an android device, there’s an 80% chance that you have a YouTube app already, if you can’t find it then head to the Play store.

iOS users, on the other hand, need to get the app into their devices via their app store. So this step is all about installing or finding the YouTube app.

Step 2: Open the YouTube app and sign in with your Google account. Youtube videos might be free to watch, but only google account users have the liberty of uploading YouTube videos and also to post a comment.

The moment you register for a Google account by opening a mail with google(Gmail) you automatically have a Google account.

YouTube accounts for its users are called channel, if you wish to step up your Vlogging career a notch, you should go check out and I edit your YouTube channel.

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Step 3: Above you, YouTube app, at the top right-hand side is a video camera sign “๐ŸŽฅ๐Ÿ“ฝ๏ธ” click on it. You’ll be prompted to accept a few things which you should do.

How To Upload Video On Youtube: With the mobile App

Step 4: YouTube presents you with three options here; You can either “Go Live” “Record” “Upload”

How To Upload Video On Youtube

Step 5: Once your video is uploaded its time for the description, this entails the video title, a brief description, hashtags and any other metadata you want.

You should also choose if you want the video to be Unlisted, Public or Private.

Step 6: You should now wait for finishing touches, here the metadata you created is being embedded in the video.

I’ll really advise you upload your videos with a Wi-Fi connection cause trust me, it consumes data.

How To Upload Videos To YouTube From Your Mobile Device

You can’t find the mobile app? You came across a video in your gallery and you’ll love the world to see it? You are on track. It is convenient sharing videos to YouTube FROM the app it is also possible sharing videos to YouTube directly from your gallery

Like I advised earlier, I hope your data is enough? Also, you need a Google(Gmail) account to use any Google service.

Step 1: Open the video you wish to upload, i.e view the video with your video player. It is also possible to upload it without watching it, most devices have an option that works like this “Tap and hold the video to bring up a menu”

How To Upload Video On Youtube: With mobile device

Step 2: If you decided to watch the video, look for and click the share button, if you didn’t the ‘Tap and Hold’ pattern, look for the share button also.

  • From iOS 7 and above, your share button should be at the bottom-left corner of your screen. Do you see that box with an arrow going out of the top? That’s it.
  • For Android users, the share button is visible on your screen, or you press the menu. The idea here is to look for the share button.

Step 3: When you press the share button, your device presents you with a number of apps that have the ability to share digital stuff, navigate too and locate the “YouTube App”.

How To Upload Video On Youtube: With your mobile Devices

If your Gmail isn’t locked on to your YouTube account, you’ll be requested to sign in your Gmail account.

Step 4: Fill in your videos PROPER metadata including its title, description, #harshtags, etc. Trust me everything here matters, this section could either make or mar your video.

How To Upload Video On Youtube

Step 5: Choose your video’s privacy settings; this was explained up there. The options presented to you are “Private” “Public” “Unlisted” and “Scheduled” this means a lot when you Upload Video On YouTube

Step 6: Press the “Upload” or “Publish” button. Your video size will determine how long it will take to upload.

How To Upload Video On YouTube With Your PC(Mac Os and Windows)

This is the ideal way to upload videos on YouTube reason being that you have the opportunity to customize a lot of things.

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Serious Vloggers and Youtubers prefer to use this method, again you should have enough data to do this.

Step 1: I presume you have already edited and gotten your video ready? So what you’ll do here is to move the video to a folder that could be traceable by you easily, I’ll suggest copying the video to your desktop.

Step 2: Open your PC browser and log in to your Google account(Gmail) that is linked with the YouTube channel you wish to use. Visit and sign it

Step 3: Type “” in your address bar.

Step 4: Click on the “Upload” button at the top of your homepage. This can be found at the top right of your desktop screen, close to the search box.

How To Upload Video On Youtube: With your PC

Step 5: YouTube gives a pop up which requires you to choose the video you wish to upload, click on “Select Files To Upload” then navigate through till you get the video file. Drag and drop feature also works here.

Step 6: When you find and choose your video file, uploading will start. If you haven’t verified your account “Via an SMS” you will be limited to 15 minutes videos only.

Step 7: YouTube then takes you to a page where you’ll fill in your metadata this includes your description, your tags, and Annotations.

Step 8: Its Privacy things. Here you get to pick your video’s privacy, do you want it Public? Private? Unlisted? Or do you want to schedule it? Scroll up for more details.

  • Before the final upload, YouTube gives you the opportunity to either auto-share your video to any of your social pages.
  • It gives you options to Monetize your videos with AdSense, click the monetization box for more details.
  • YouTube also allows you to adjust some advanced settings like disable comments, notify your subscribers, transfer or change ownership rights, etc.
  • YouTube allows you to choose your thumbnail, they give you options to pick from or there do it themselves, it’s better you do it yourself.

Step 9: Click on “Save” and Viola!!! You, My dear friend, have successfully uploaded a YouTube video.

I hope you were able to Upload Video On Youtube?

So you’ve learnt How To Upload Video On Youtube how about you learn how to download videos from youtube?

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