How To Upload Photos To Google Photos

How To Upload Photos To Google Photos: A photo of google photos icon

Upload Photos To Google Photos: Backup Backup Backup! Backing up your important documents is one this you shouldn’t play with.

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Backing up pictures and videos is something very necessary, most especially if these videos mean a thing or two to you

Here you can learn how to upload documents and folders to your google drive irrespective of the device you are

using. This post, however, is to teach you how to use another of Google’s free features named “Google Photos”

Making use of your Windows PC, Mac Os, Android device and iPhone, one can backup or upload his or her photos and videos to Google Photos.

Google allows its customers to upload high-quality image files, if the file is over 16MB, Google will automatically compress these huge files.

In cases where you want to store these photos without compressing, Google drive is the one for you, above there, is a link on how to use Google Drive.

Note that Google Drive offers space for just 15Gig thou you can upgrade it by buying more space(Pretty Cheap).

Note again, before using ANY of Google services, you must have an account with them,

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you create this account by opening an email address. Google’s email tool can be accessed at

Requirements To Be Able To Upload Photos To Google Photos

1. Access to the internet with enough data or bandwidth to upload the photos/videos

2. An active Gmail account.

3. Your Mobile device or PC


Upload Photos To Google Photos From Your Mobile Device(iOS and Android) Using Google Photos App

The Pictures used in this tutorial is for Android Mobile Devices.

Step 1: Download and install the “Google Photos” app for your Android or iOS device. Go to your device app store to get this.

How To Upload Photos To Google Photos: A photo of Google Photo app in the android play store

I have the app already, so in your case, the Install button will be visible.

Step 2: Locate the app, open it and tap the ‘Menu‘ button; they are three horizontal bars at the higher left-hand side of your screen.

How To Upload Photos To Google Photos: The three horizontal menu button on google photo app

Step 3: Locate and select the “Choose An Account” option. Here you are going to choose the Gmail account you want to back up this photos too if you have just created an account, you will

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How To Upload Photos To Google Photos: Adding your account to Google Photo App

be prompted to log-in, if you already have an account in your android device, you will be asked to select an account. Now choose a Gmail account.

Step 4: When you choose this option, Google Photos will ask you if you’ll love them to auto-backup your photos. That is, the moment you

store a photo, they are backed up on the cloud and YEAH! It consumes data or bandwidth. If you are on a metered

connection, don’t accept this option most especially in a case where you want to upload just a few pictures.

Step 5: After choosing an account, the Application’s interface changes, don’t shiver. Hold and mark the photos you wish to upload

How To Upload Photos To Google Photos: Selecting photos to upload
Click the menu button at the top right corner.

Step 6: Click on the three vertical lines at the higher right-hand part of the screen, you will see a ‘Back Up‘ option, click it and watch them upload.

How To Upload Photos To Google Photos: Backing Up Photos on photos app with google app


Allow Google Photo To Automatically Backup Your Photos(Mobile Device)

Let’s assume you’ve added your Google account already a few days back, that is step 1 – step 6 above and you’ve decided that Google Photos should now automatically backup your photos and videos online all you have to do is

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Step 1: Open your Google Photo App.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Cloud’ ☁️ button at the higher right part of your screen.

Step 3: Toggle auto backups on or off, and you are good to go.

How To Upload Photos To Google Photos: Toggle the backup feature on or off in Google Photos


Upload Photos To Google Photos From Your PC(Windows And Mac)

Step 1: You could either download and install ‘Google Backup And Sync” or you go to this link “” yes! On your browser, preferably Chrome.

Step 2: Sign in to your google account, if your account is already on your browser(chrome) no need for this then.

Step 3: Click the upload button at the top right-hand corner, it always looks like an arrow facing up.

Step 4: The browser will provide you with a window, navigate to the photos you wish to back up.

Step 5: Using your “Ctrl” key( For windows) and/or ‘Command’ “⌘” key (For Mac) mark and select the photos you wish to upload.

Step 6: Click on Ok/Select/Open and watch it do its thing.

Hope it worked out?

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