How To Upload Files To Your Google Drive

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How To Upload Files To Your Google Drive: Google has been saving our asses for a while now, Google drive is one of those ways our asses have been secured. Google Drive is; what I’ll call an online Memory Crad or Hard Drive.

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You are automatically given one the moment you create a gmail address and allocated about 15gig of free space, if you want to go premium you get offers from about one terabyte and above, the premium prices are pretty cheap.

Uploading Files To Google Drive

You can access google drive with both your pc and your mobile device, on your mobile an app could be downloaded from any of your devices official store.

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Things that could be uploaded to your google drive are:
  • Documents (Text files, slideshows, and spreadsheets)
  • Images (including PDFs)
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Folders
  • Site Backups(browse about this)

Be aware that every file you upload consumes space, so it’s advisable that you compress the files you want to upload for space efficiency.

Uploading to google drive via your Mobile App(Android and iOs)

Step 1: If you don’t have it, download google drive app.

Step 2: Locate and open the google drive app

Step 3: Tap the multi-colored plus symbol in the bottom-right corner of the screen, followed by “Upload.”How To Upload Files To Your Google Drive » Backup, Google, Google Drive Uploading files to your google drive via the app

Step 4: Find and tap the correct file or files, you want to upload to your Drive.

Google normally recommends that you upload files using a wi-fi connection, but if you are using your mobile network, when the “Waiting for wifi” option appears on your notification bar, click on “Resume All Now”uploading files to your google drive with mobile

Note: Please, keep in mind that files that aren’t already formatted as Google files (like Word docs) can’t be uploaded and edited this way unless your Drive is set up for it.

Uploading to google drive via your PC or Browser

Step 1: Go to .

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Step 2: Click on the colored ‘cross’ at the top left hand side of the screen.(You can also drag and drop)

Step 3: Choose your option

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