How to Uninstall Spotify on Windows 10

Uninstall Spotify on Windows 10

Uninstall Spotify on Windows 10: Spotify is a fantastic app. It allows you to stream your favorite songs online without needing to download them. It also gives you the option of listening to your songs offline when you subscribe to the premium version.

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If you are reading this, you’ve probably searched the internet for ways to uninstall Spotify on Windows 10 because Spotify won’t open, or you have experienced some glitch. I know how hectic this could be as I also use a desktop version of Spotify, and I can say it hasn’t been a great experience so far.

I would have expected that since they’ve got a great and functional mobile app, their desktop app should be excellent, but that isn’t the case. So, I would be showing how to uninstall the Spotify computer app for Windows 10 completely. There are several options to delete Spotify from your PC. However, we would be looking at the most convenient and easy options, so if a method doesn’t work for you, feel free to try out the next one.

How to Uninstall Spotify Windows 10

Method 1:  Uninstall Spotify Via Windows System Settings

You can use your built-in Windows tools to delete Spotify, this is an easier option for some users, and it is also risk-free. So below are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Open your Start Menu, and click on the Settings icon.

Windows Start Meny
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Step 2: Click on Apps and open Apps and Features.

Step 3: Select Spotify, and click on the Uninstall button.

Method 2: Uninstall Spotify Via Control Panel

As earlier stated, you can use some of your built-in Windows tools to uninstall Spotify on Windows 10. It is also an easy and non-complicated method, just like the first one. Below are the steps on how to completely uninstall Spotify on Windows 10 with Control Panel.

Step 1: Open the Start Menu, and in the search bar, type in Control Panel.

Step 2: Launch the Control Panel app, and click on Programs.

Step 3: Open Programs and Features, and Select the Spotify app.

Step 4: Right-click and select Uninstall. Select “Yes” to begin the uninstallation process.

Method 3:  Uninstall Spotify Using CleanMyPC

CleanMyPC is a third-party application that allows you to remove unwanted programs from your PC. It is advisable to use it if the first two methods fail to work. The premium version of the CleanMyPC app can remove all of Spotify’s residual files after the initial uninstallation of the application.

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Step 1: Download the CleanMyPC app, and install it on your PC.

Step 2: After the installation is complete, open it and Go to the Main Screen.

Step 3: Click on “Multi-Uninstaller” and find Spotify.

Step 4: Select the checkbox, and click on Uninstall.

Method 4: Uninstall Spotify Using IObit Uninstaller

IObit is an ideal application if you want to get the most stubborn applications out of your computer. It is functional and efficient as it allows you to delete any app of your choice from your PC properly. To uninstall Spotify from your PC using IObit, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download the IObit Uninstaller and install it.

Step 2: Once the installation is done, launch the application.

Step 3: Go to Programs, and look for Spotify.

Step 4: Mark it, and right-click to select Uninstall.

You can also opt to remove its residual files during uninstallation by marking them among the options before clicking Uninstall.


Spotify is probably the next best thing after sandwiches. It has changed the way we listen to songs and keep up with our favorite artists. With its streaming service that allows us to listen to our favorite artist once a new song is released, to its offline feature that will enable us to listen to our favorite songs when we are out of data or in an airplane.

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However, all these great features don’t mean that they will be free from technical issues, and we shouldn’t let such problems get in the way of our vibe.

In the article, we showed you several methods to uninstall Spotify if you use the Spotify PC version and clean up its residual files to free up space on your computer.  Some options may be easier than others, but it’s left for you to find the one that works best for you. You can also reinstall Spotify after uninstalling it to see if it works better to keep enjoying your music. By the way, see how to get Spotify premium for free.

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