How To Uninstall Programs On Windows 10 

Uninstall Programs On Windows 10 from the Start Menu

How To Uninstall Programs On Windows 10: We often get fed up with an app or program on our system. When we want to create space on our device, deleting unwanted files and uninstall completely unwanted programs is one of the operations we carry out.

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The traditional way of uninstalling programs in Windows 7, XP, etc. still exists. However, just like uninstalling programs on Mac, they are a ton of new applications that would likely not go when using this method.

It doesn’t matter if it is a desktop program, a new universal fangled app, or a Windows 8-style Modern app, we have different approaches to uninstall an application on your Windows 10 PC.

Method 1: Uninstall Programs On Windows 10 With From Apps & Features [Recommended]

Step 1: From your keyboard, strike the Windows key or click on the Windows icon at the far lower right of your screen. It opens the Start Menu.

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Step 2: From the left part of the Menu, click on Settings, often represented by an ⚙️ icon.

Step 3: Options in the next window varies for most Windows 10 versions. You either click on “Apps” or “System“; if your device has the “App” option, click on it, if it doesn’t, click on “System.”

Uninstall Programs On Windows 10

Step 4: From the left panel, click on “Apps & Features.” Windows now give you a list of all Applications and Programs available on your system, appears.

Step 5: Scroll down and select the app you intend to Uninstall. Windows gives you two options, select “Uninstall.”

Step 7: A pop-up confirmation box shows, confirm by clicking “Uninstall.”

Method 2: Uninstall An App Through The Startup Menu

Step 1: Click on the Windows button or the Windows icon from the lower-left of your screen.

Step 2: Search from the “All apps” list or the further right tiled section for the app you intend to Uninstall. If you can’t find it here, you can also start typing the program name.

Uninstall Programs On Windows 10 from the Start Menu

Step 3: When you locate the program, hover on it, then Right-click. If you can Uninstall it from here, click the Uninstall option. Confirm the uninstall action.

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Method 3: Uninstall Programs On Windows 10, 7, 8.1, etc. The Control Panel

Yes, the control panel option is still available. This option is pretty straightforward. You can uninstall a program on Windows 10, 8.1, 7, etc. with the legendary Control Panel.

Step 1: Click the Windows icon on the lower-left and start typing “Control Panel” (Without quotes), when found, open it.

Step 2: In the Control Panel window, click on “Program” then “Programs and Features.

Uninstall Programs On Windows 10 from the Control Panel

Step 3: Windows gives you a list of all programs available. Locate and select the program, now click Uninstall at the top of the list or right-click and select the Uninstall option.

Method 4: Uninstall From The Program’s Folder

This is mostly applicable when you installed the program. You can go to the programs folder and use its default Uninstaller. This option is sometimes advisable.

Step 1: If the program has a shortcut on your desktop, right-click on its icon and select “Open File Location.

Uninstall Programs On Windows 10 from the program's folder

Step 2: Locate and select the Uninstall option there. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Method 5: Uninstall Programs From The Taskbar

Step 1: While the program is active on your taskbar, right-click on it. Now, often a list of activities or other in-app shortcuts appears. Below that section is the program’s icon again, take your cursor and right-click on it then select “Properties.”

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Uninstall Programs On Windows 10 from the Taskbar

Step 2: In the Properties window, click on “Open File Location.

Step 3: Locate and select the Uninstall option there. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Method 6: Using a Third-party App

This is more of a suggestion than a step. Nevertheless, it is recommended if you plan on thoroughly cleaning your system.

The default Windows uninstaller will get the job done. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t completely clean your system of other files the program stored on your device.

A Windows-wizard may know how to clean it manually thoroughly. Still, they are third-party applications that can completely clean your Computer of the remnants.

A few I can recommend are Revo Installer, IObit Uninstaller, Ashampoo Uninstaller.

I hope you were able to uninstall programs on windows 10 properly now? Thanks for reading.

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