How To Transfer Photos From iPhone To Windows

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Are you asking yourself “How do I transfer photos from iPhone to Windows computer?” This post right here is for you. We may want to transfer our photos from our iOS(iPhone)

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to our pc for many reasons, a few includes; For backup, to release storage on our iPhone, to use the photo for screensaver etc etc. I’ll do my best to show you all the possible ways to transfer photos to your Windows.

How To Transfer Photos From iPhone To Pc Windows 10

The topic reads ‘Windows 10‘ that doesn’t mean you can’t transfer iPhone’s photos to your older Windows version. If you are using an older Windows version, know that the moment you connect your iPhone

To your Pc with your USB cable, your Pc immediately detects the device and and a window automatically opens with this question “Tap to choose what happens to this device“. What you do next is to look for the “Import” button.

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The above method also works with Windows 10, but the very official method of moving/copying photos from your iPhone to your Windows 10 is by following the instructions below.

Note: If you see photos with the .HIEC file extension, it means that your iPhone running iOS 11 or later is storing images using the new HEIF image format. Unfortunately, these aren’t compatible with Windows devices, so to make them easy to transfer:
   Step 1: Go to Settings on your iPhone
   Step 2: Scroll to Transfer to Mac or PC
   Step 3: Tap the option: “Automatic”: this will turn them into JPEGsConverting HEIC formats to JPEG for transfering photos from your IpHONE TO pC OR mACConverting HEIC formats to JPEG for transfering photos from your IpHONE TO pC OR mAC

Step 1: Connect your iPhone device to your PC using a  USB cable.

Step 2: Normally, the photo app opens, but if doesn’t open, you launch the app by using the Windows Start Menu ; You can do this by clicking on the windows button on your keyboard, it usually is at the lower left hand side of your keyboard, a Windows logo can be seen on it or you take your mouse cursor to the left lower edge of your screen and click the windows icon there or you use the search bar, when you launch the windows start menu, you type ‘Photo’ the app should appear, now launch it.

Step 3: Click on the Import icon located at the upper right corner of the photos app.

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Windows Photos app

Step 4: A box showing the new photos for transfer should appear. Select all the photos you which to transfer.

Step 5: You are now asked to choose where the imported photos should be saved, normally the are saved in the photos folder.

Step 6: Click on ‘Import‘.


Transferring Photos From iPhone To PC (Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 etc) Using File Explorer.

Before I wrote about How To Import With Windows 10, In the introduction I talked of a way to transfer picture on older version of windows, this method works on all version of

Windows. If you are unable to work with your Photo App in Windows 10, this method can suffice for that.

Step 1: Plug your iPhone to your PC with a working USB cable.

Step 2: If nothing auto-opens, use the windows shortcut key Win + E to open your File Explorer.

Step 3: In most cases, you’ll see your iPhone storage in your file explorer, if you can’t find it, look at the left section of your screen if ‘Quick access‘ is highlighted, scroll down to ‘This Pc‘ and click it, in some cases you might see your iPhone storage there already.Windows explorer

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Step 4: Click on your iPhone Storage.

Step 5: Locate and click ‘DCIM‘ folder. (DCIM in mobile devices stand for ‘Digital Camera Images’) Now, if you are copying photos you snapped, the are stored in your DCIM folder, if it is images from let me say Facebook, the should be in your facebook folder etc.

Step 6: Locate ‘By name’ the photos you want to transfer then highlight them(To highlight many photos, Press and hold the CTRL key then left click on all photos you want to transfer 1 by 10 and press Ctrl + C to copy)

Step 7: Now go to your Picture Folder or create a folder on your computer where you’ll love to save the photos(I suggest you do the later).

I hope you were able to do it?

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