How To Take A Screenshot On Windows

How To Take A Screenshot On A PC(Mac and Windows)

How To Take A Screenshot On Windows: Knowing how to take a screenshot is a skill that could come in handy. It’s quite straight forward taking a screenshot on a mobile device. However, taking on a PC is different, especially on Windows 10.

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To further complicate things, to generate particular effects on a Screenshot, you need to know a function or two. In this article, we’ll show you every possible way on how to screenshot on windows, just like Mac computers, a ton of methods exist.

Method 1: Take A Screenshot On A PC Using the PrntScrn Option

Step 1. Locate your PrntScrn Button (The PrntScrn Button is mostly at the right-hand side of your keyboard, the key has a “PrntScrn” written on it, on some occasions you’ll see “Prnt Sc” it is all the same

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Step 2. You long-press the windows key (The windows key is mostly found at the lower left-hand side of your keyboard)

Step 3. While pressing the Windows Key, you press the PrntScrn key. The is a small flicker or dimming of your PC screen

Step 4: The screenshot is stored in your clipboard, paste it on an image editing program, or a Microsoft word doc.

NOTE! In some cases, the PrntScrn is joined with the Insert key, mostly placed below the ‘Insert’ word. Now what you do here is

Locate the Function Key (Always at the lower left-hand side of your keyboard, it has an fn written on it, You now LONG PRESS THE WINDOWS KEY + FN KEY + PRNSCRN KEY)

How To Take A Screenshot On A PC(Mac and Windows)

The screenshot pics can be found in your Picture Folder, in a folder named ‘Screenshot.

Now, just know that to take a screenshot on your windows pc, the prntsc button is designated for this only very few laptops (like mine) require you pressing the FN(Function) Key.

Method 2: How To Take A Screenshot Of A Particular Part Of Your Screen

You can highlight a particular part of your system and screenshot. This comes in handy when you have a part of your screen you don’t intend to show, or you want to focus the picture on a particular section of your screen.

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Step 1: Simultaneously press the Windows + Shift key then press S.

Step 2: Windows offers you three options

  • Rectangular flip: Here, using your mouse, you can highlight a Rectangular section of your screen.
  • Freeform Flip: The name says it all. Using your cursor, you can drag around a section of your screen with no particular shape.
  • Fullscreen: This is simple; the feature captures your whole screen.

Step 4: Windows copy the image to your clipboard, go to any document and using the Ctrl + V button, paste it there.

Method 3: How To Take A Screenshot On Windows Using The Snip & Sketch (Snipping Tool)

This another useful tool to take a proper Screenshot with. The tool was formerly known as Snipping Tool.

Step 1: Using your search bar or from the Start menu (Press your windows button or click the windows button at the lower-left side)

Step 2: Start typing Snipping or Snip & Sketch. Then open the program itself.

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Step 3: Select any of the options there, either click New or choose to snip in 3 seconds or 10.

Step 4: Windows offers you options similar to Method 2. The only difference here is, you are expected to Save the document, not paste it.

How To Take A Screenshot On Windows (Video)

I hope I was able to help you out??


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