How To Sign Up for Groupme

How To Sign Up for Groupme

How To Sign Up for Groupme: Good day! This HowTo9ja DIY will be teaching you how to sign up for GroupMe. GroupMe, like most social media services, is a free conference and group texting service. GroupMe makes it very easy for

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You to text message many of your contacts at the same time. GroupMe works by assigning a special phone number to any group created on its platform. Whenever you send a message to that particular number,

you are automatically sending the message to Everyone you added in the group, they, in turn, can reply to you via that number. This theory also applies to make a call. Below is a step by step guide on how to sign up for GroupMe.

GroupMe is supported in so many countries, this link has all its region and service providers GroupMe works with.

How To Sign Up for Groupme

Step 1: Visit the GroupMe registration page by clicking this link.

Step 2: You are given an option to register with your Facebook, Microsoft or Email account. I’ll be showing you how to work with your Email account. So enter your email address in the box provided.How To Sign Up for Groupme

Step 3: The next page requires you to enter your Full Name, your country call code(Click and scroll down till you locate your country), you are too input your phone number also(don’t add the +…) And your password. You can also edit your avatar here.

How To Sign Up for Groupme

Step 4: The next page, a pin is sent to your mobile number, put this in the box given.

Step 5: You are then prompted to download the GroupMe app. GroupMe has an application for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, etc.

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Step 6: Download any of them and login.

How To Sign Up for Groupme(PDF File)

Open this PDF to see how to sign up for GroupMe.


This method works best irrespective of the device you are using. After you Sign Up for Groupme with your mobile browser or pc browser,

Next is to download GroupMe App for your device, then log in.

You’ve learned how to sign up for GroupMe, check out this other articles.


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