How To Share Your Whatsapp Location In 7 Easy Steps

How To Share Your Whatsapp Location: Whatsapp users have the ability to share their location with each other in other to help one another find themselves or security issues.

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You might be lost somewhere then after your location is shared you could be found easily, by norms this ability is hidden, but HowTo9ja has dug up instructions for you on how to a location on WhatsApp.

You should know by now that WhatsApp was meant to be a mobile app, and for the fact that it could be accessed via our PC doesn’t grant our PCs all the features WhatsApp carry, sharing location isn’t possible on your WhatsApp web.

How To Share Your Whatsapp Location

Step 1: Launch your WhatsApp

Step 2: Open the chat window of the person you intend to share your location with.

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Step 3: In the message box(where you type) you’ll see a paper clip 📎 , click this paper clip and locate ‘Location’

How To share your whatsapp location
Clicking the attachment key on WhatsApp the clip📎

Step 4: Often than not, you’ll be requested to grand WhatsApp permission, first a question appears giving you two options ‘Not Now’ and ‘Continue’ click on ‘Continue’.

How To Share Your Whatsapp Location In 4 Easy Steps
Click on Continue

if this is your first time doing this, it will request permission from your phone, choose ‘Agree’.

Share live location with whatsapp contact

Step 5: WhatsApp then opens a map and if your devices ‘Location’ feature isn’t on, you’ll be sent to a page to put it on

How To Share Your Whatsapp Location In 4 Easy Steps

Step 6: WhatsApp now presents you with a list of locations to share including
Live location: This tells your contact where you are at the moment, and it will keep updating as you move.
Landmarks near you: This option tells your contacts of major landmarks near where you’re, giving them an idea of where you are.

How To Share Your Whatsapp Location In 4 Easy Steps


You are presented with the number of hours the location broadcast should last and a message to leave along with the location share.

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Step 7: Select the blue/Green ‘Send’ arrow at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

How To Share Your Whatsapp Location In 4 Easy Steps

Note: For the fact that your location is visible to this user(contact), it doesn’t mean you can see theirs. Hope I was able to help you.

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