How To Share Screen On Skype

How To Share Screen On Skype

Share Screen On Skype: Good day!  Hope you are cool.  Presumably, you’ve been made to believe that it’s impossible to share your screen on Skype, or you feel sharing your screen on Skype is pretty technical

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Well, I am here to inform you that it is not technical at all. Sharing your screen on Skype whether it is GoTo meeting or is actually no tough call if you follow my simplified instructions.

With two clicks, you can share your screen on Skype sounds easy right??

This tutorial assures you that you can share your screen despite the device you are using, sharing your screen on Mac and Windows 10

How To Share Screen On Skype With Windows or Mac Os

The Skype interface on both devices are almost the same, so this section here works for both your Mac and Windows 10.

If you have the Skype for a business account, you have to be on a Skype call before you can actually start sharing your Skype screen

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Skype doesn’t allow you to set up your screen before you start sharing so the call has to connect before you’ll be able to do this.

Based on this knowledge, we will suggest you keep your PC’s desktop presentable and professional before you make the call,

so when the call connects you wouldn’t be looking for a way to close and open tabs.

You can’t share the screen with Skype for the web.

Step 1: Prepare your desktop screen for sharing, get it to be presentable and professional.

Step 2: Open your Skype account.

Step 3: Go to your Skype call windows and click on the Share Screen button. Latest version sure should get access to the button

at the lower right of the call window very close to the reaction button( ❤️). That button that looks like two screens overlapping each other.

Step 4: Skype will prompt you to confirm the sharing. Click on the ‘Start’ sharing button. When you click this button and confirm it,

Skype will automatically start sharing your screen to the person on the call with you. Slow internet connection will cause a slow start.

How To Share One Application Window At A Time

If you have a problem with sharing all of your desktop screens one time, it’s possible for you to share one application at a time. Just follow the steps below.

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Step 1: You should have launched your Skype by now and are on the call. Click on the Skype screen share button.

How To Share Screen On Skype: one App at a time
Source: Techradar

Step 2: Skype will prompt you to confirm the sharing. At the top of your screen, select the drop-down menu and choose ‘Share application window’.

Step 3: Skype will then allow you to choose the application you want to screen share, take action by clicking the application.

Step 4: Select the “Start Sharing” button.

How To Share Your Screen On “Skype For Business”

Compared to the other methods, this is a little bit longer but not complex if you follow my instructions well.

Step 1: I believe you are on the call already. Look at your screen bottom, you will see a ‘Monitor’ icon, choose that. Skype will give you a few options like

  • Present Desktop: This allows you to show everything on your desktop screen, giving you the ability to show whatever application, folder or file you wish to screen share
  • Preset Programs: This option limits you to sharing just specific programs or application when you choose this option, everyone on the call can only see what you want them to see.
  • Present PowerPoint Files: Here you are allowed to upload a PowerPoint presentation to the Skype call and play it.
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I assume you are sharing a powerpoint, this should be in hand or close on your desktop.

Step 2: Choose an option and start sharing.

Note: When you are making a business call and sharing your screen on it, Skype changes your status to ‘Presenting’.

In the presenting mode, you wouldn’t be able to receive any calls or messages until when you click ‘Stop Sharing’.

How To Share Skype Screen With Mobile Device(iOS & Android)

The theory of being on a call before you are able to share screen applies here also. This is the devices eligible to share screen on Skype.

Android 6.0 and above and iOS 12 and above, you must be using the latest version of Skype app also.

Step 1: Launch your Skype app.

Step 2: Make a Skype call

Step 3:
For Android users: Tab the ‘More’ button > Then select ‘Screen Sharing’ button.

How To Share Screen On Skype: A mobile device sharing screen on skype

For iOS users: Tab the ‘More’ button > Select the ‘Sharing’ button > In the confirmation window, choose ‘Skype’ then start sharing.

I hope it worked for you.

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Source from Skype’s site

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