How To Set Up Google Alert Perfectly

How To Set Up Google Alert

Set Up Google Alert: A feature exists for all Google users called “Google Alert.” It is a broad and efficient tool and can come in handy a lot, especially for keeping tracks of things that concern you.

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Google Alert will help you maintain your online brand legacy. It is vital to keep taps of what people, customers, blogs, etc. have to say about your brand.

Google Alert also suffices for bloggers, using it, a blogger could keep taps of sites that have gotten links from their contents and aren’t giving the expected reference.

As a blogger, you could also need Google Alert to keep taps of your competition and where they get their backlinks from, etc. etc.

You can also know the type of articles they write on and how to rival it.  Using Google Alert, you could search for jobs around you.

What Is Google Alerts?

Look at Google Alert like a personalized Google search. You can also see it like a top-notch spy that keeps taps on keywords for you.

Features Of Google Alert

  • Google Alert gives each Google account a limit of 1000 taps to keep watch on. 1k is pretty much if you’ll ask me.
  • While you set up Google Alert, you will be given the ability to customize the time the reports are sent to your email.
  • Google Alert sends the report in the form of a summary to your Gmail box.
  • The Alerts can be deleted.
  • Long as you have a Google Account, you are eligible for Google Alert.
  • Only Google Gmail Users can use Google Alert.
  • You can customize each alert to fit your choice.
  • It allows users to decide when to get an alert.
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How Do I Set Up Google Alerts?

Step 1:
Open your device browser then visit the G.A official site

How To Set Up Google Alert

Step 2:
If you are already logged in, skip this step. If you aren’t, to the top right side is the sign-in button, click this and fill in your Google account details.

How To Set Up Google Alert

Step 3:
In the text box provided, type in the Keyword or Key Phrase or your company name or even your name absolutely anything you want to keep tabs.

How To Set Up Google Alert

To customize the alert for this particular term, click on “Show Options“. A list of options include

  • How often: This option determines how often the alerts will be delivered to your inbox, click on the drop-down to the right of it to see more options.
  • Sources: This here helps you choose where you want the alerts to be monitored, i.e. if HowTo9ja is mentioned in forums, Google should send it to my mailbox, but if it is on blogs, they shouldn’t.
  • Language: The languages that this alerts should keep taps on
  • Region: This has to do with the country; this alerts should keep taps on.
  • How many: The quality of the results Google should alert you off.
  • Deliver to: The email the alerts should be delivered too. (i.e. email you sign in with)
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Step 4:
When you are done customizing it, click on “Create Alert“.

Note: You can ‘CUSTOMIZE‘ all the alerts in bulk, all you have to do here is

Step 2:
Create all the Alerts. Then at the top of the Alerts, at the far right is a gear ⚙️ icon, click this and customize this to your feel.

How To Delete Google Alerts

O yeah! The alert could get pretty annoying; my inbox was once infested by Google alerts.

You can delete your Google Alerts by;

Step 1:
Open this link and Log-in with the Google Account you use to set-up the alerts.

Step 2:
All your alerts should be visible by now, at the far right side is a bin/ basket icon, click on it to delete the alert.

How To Set Up Google Alert


Google alert is a cool tool; another tool Google offers is Google Trend. If you are a news site, I’ll suggest you set up Google trends to keep taps of the latest trends in Google search.

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You’ve learned how to set up Google Alerts; I hope you succeeded? How about you share this article and drop a comment below.

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