How To Screen Record On Mac

How To Screen Record With Your Mac | 3 Simple Steps (video)

How To Screen Record On Mac: Good day! I hope you are cool? On today’s topic, I’ll be teaching you how to screen record using your Apple Mac PC and the iMac.

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This shouldn’t be much stress cause the program we will be using here is usually built-in in Mac computers, unless you want more features, this programs will do the trick

They are other third-party programs that can suffice in this area but often than not, they’ll cost you. I’ll be showing you methods for recording on both your old mac and on the macOS Mojave.

How to screen record on a Mac(video)

If you aren’t in the ‘Reading Mode’ you could watch this video.

How To Screen record on Mac(non-macOS Mojave)

This method is mostly for old mac users, the is an inbuilt application that you might have never heard off.

The QuickTime Player is the program we have in mind, it is the perfect program for non-MacOS Mojave users.

Advantages Of QuickTime Player

  • It is a system app, it was pre-installed.
  • The QuickTime player gives you the opportunity to record not just your inactive screen but a playing movie and recordings.
  • It offers you many sharing capabilities and the ability to use AirPlay right after you record.
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Step 1:
Navigate to the screen or program you wish to record; i.e prepare your screen for the recording.

Step 2:
Move your mouse to the search bar on your screen; it is usually in the form of a magnifying glass icon and it can be found at the top right-hand corner.

Step 3:
We now have to type in ‘QuickTime Player‘. QuickTime player is the program we will be working with.

How To Screen Record On Mac
Source: MacWorld

Step 4:
Hit the ENTER button. You can see in the left top corner QuickTime player.

Step 5:
So right now all we need to do is click ‘file‘ and then choose ‘new screen recording’

How To Screen Record On Mac
Source: BusinessInsider

At this point, you can change the volume, you can also decide to use your systems built-in microphone or don’t use a microphone at all. To record full screen all you have to do is left-click

To stop recording, click on the Stop Button on the toolbar. When you attempt to close it, by pressing the red button, QuickTime player will ask you if you want to save it, then you select a location to save your newly recorded file.

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How to screen record on your Mac(For macOS Mojave Users)

You can screen record on mac for new mac users, this feature just has to do with you using the inbuilt screen record feature.

Advantages Of This Method

  • It is free and doesn’t require any software installation
  • It offers you access to use your built-in microphone.
  • It allows you to use a timer while recording.
  • It is perfect for tutorial videos cause mouse clicks are visible.
  • Just like the QuickTime player, one can share their newly recorded video and can make use of AirPlay.

Step 1:
Press Shift + Cmd + 5 to open the on-screen menu which provides you with various recording options.

From here you can decide to record the entire screen, a portion of your screen, or capture a still image of your whole screen, a window or a section of your screen.

Press Esc to cancel making a recording before you want to.

Step 2:
Press the fourth button from your right to record the entire screen.

The moment you click this option, your pointer turns into a camera icon.

If you look closely, you’ll notice a red button which indicates that recording is in progress. When you are done recording, go ahead and click that button.

Step 3:
Save a video to your desktop, or press Ctrl + Cmd + Esc.

Mac saves screen recordings as MOV files(convert them before sending if your user can’t play MOV files.

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Mac saves your recording to your desktop.

How To Screen Record On Mac With Third-party Programs

If the above methods don’t meet your needs, it is also very possible for you to record your mac screen using any third-party applications.

These tools are mostly premium tools thou not too expensive, check out a few below.

  • Smart Recorder Lite
  • Viking Recorder Lite

You could browse to know more about them.

I hope I was able to help? Check out other how-to articles on HowTo9ja:


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