How To Scan QR Codes And Barcodes Across All Mobile Devices

How to scan QR codes And Bar Codes Across All Mobile Devices

How to scan QR codes And Barcodes: ood day! On today’s HowTo9ja DIY, I’ll be showing you how to scan Qr code and Bar code.

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Don’t mix it up, Qr Codes and Bar Codes aren’t the same. I’ll show you the difference below. This post here will show you how to.

When QR codes first came out, it seemed promising, but for a while It didn’t meet up its expectations. The birth of Smart phones made it more relevant.

Website links, ticket websites, contact info, coupon codes and a whole lot of other materials still use them actively.

On like Android devices, iOS 12 and above have the Bar Code/Qr code scanner embedded in their devices’ cameras.

No official confirmation for now, but I believe come September 2019, the iOS 13 will have the feature in it.

What Is Barcode

A barcode is a physical representation of machine-readable info about what it is attached to. You can simply call it a small box, mostly found on the box or front of a product.

How to scan QR codes And Bar Codes Across All Mobile Devices
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It is made up of parallel black lines with different widths. A barcode may have information like product name, product’s manufacturer’s name, price, etc. The lines are data stored horizontally, so it is termed linear or 1D.

What Is A QR Code?

QR code which is an abbreviation of Quick Response Code. This is a type of Barcode, so yes! It contains readable information which could be understood by just machines.

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How to scan QR codes And Bar Codes Across All Mobile Devices
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Unlike your common Barcode, a QR code is two-dimensional, which means information is stored both vertically and horizontally. A QR code is a pretty big database.

What Are The Differences Between QR Codes And Barcodes

A QR code may be a type of Barcode, they may have the same mission, but there’s still a pretty big difference between both. Some difference is very obvious, others aren’t.

1. Appearance

It’s quite obvious, Barcode = A set of varying horizontal lines.


QR Code = Random black and white designs with three big square dots at the upper left, upper right and lower left.

2. Information Capacity

O yeah! The QR Code is an upgrade to Bar code, so yes it has more cool features. A QR code holds more information than a Bar code, it has the capacity to store a whole lot in a small space than a Bar Code. It’s a two-dimensional feature makes this possible.

3. Prone To Error Correction

The QR code is more flexible on like its predecessor, QR codes are getting a whole lot of popularity in society today, thanks to smartphones. A few altering of the QR codes pictures wouldn’t affect too much data, we can’t say the same about the Bar Code.

How To Scan A QR Code On iOS Devices.

Long as your device is compatible with the iOS 12 os, you should be able to scan your QR or Bar code without needing a third party application. Follow the instructions below.

How To Scan QR Codes With iPhone Camera

Step 1: Connect to the internet; With your wifi or mobile data.

Step 2: From your app tray, open your iPhone or iPad camera.

Step 3: Place the QR code to fit into your camera’s view.

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How to scan QR codes And Bar Codes Across All Mobile Devices
Source: AivaNet

Step 4: You aren’t taking a picture, so no need to press the shutter button. The iOS 12 is blessed with a feature that auto-detects a QR Code.

The camera then provides you with an on-screen notification option.

Step 5: Select the notification option given, this will take you the information page embedded in the Bar or Qr Code.

How To Scan QR Codes And Barcodes With The Wallet App

It is also very possible to scan QR Codes with your iPhone or iPod Wallet application.

Step 1: Launch your Wallet Application.

Step 2: Click on the + (plus) ➕ button at the top of the “Passes” selection.

Step 3: Tap on “Scan Code” to add a new pass.

From this point, you’ll be able to scan QR codes for anything that the Apple Wallet consider as “Passes“. Coupons, tickets, loyalty cards, boarding passes fall into this category. This link goes deep on that affair.

If you try to scan any QR code that isn’t considered a “Pass“, you’ll get an error message.

How To Scan QR Code With Third-Party Apps

I get it, you don’t agree with any of the methods above? No stress, there’s another way out. We will be visiting Apples App Store for this. This method is also good for non iOS 12 users.

Step 1: Open Apple App store; From your app drawer, locate and open your iOS App store.

Step 2: In your search bar, type in “QR Scanner”, this site has a list of QR Code and Barcode scanner for android and iOS devices.

I recommend “Quick Scan

Step 3: Choose any app of your choice and download it.

Step 4: Allow your App Store to install the QR scanner. Launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions.

How To Scan QR Codes And Bar Codes On Android

On like iOS devices, Android doesn’t have an original feature to scan QR Codes or Barcodes. A third party can do this for you. The ideology is the same here, it has to do with your camera.

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Step 1: Open your Android Play Store.

Step 2: In your search bar, type in “Qr Scanner” and pick any one given. I recommend any of this two

  1. QR Scanner (Very easy to use)
  2. QR Scan and Bar Code scan (Over 100m installations)

How to scan QR codes And Bar Codes Across All Mobile Devices

Step 3: The process of use is always similar to these apps, just a few tweaks might differentiate them. So, open the app you downloaded.

Step 4: Put on your mobile network or connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Step 5: Place your QR Code or Barcode in the camera view

Step 6: The app should scan the code and auto-open your mobile browser or give you an option to open it.

Work is done. So, its quite easy to scan your QR Code or Barcode with your mobile device, its a digital world, the smartphones are taking over.

You’ve learned how to scan a QR code and how to scan a Barcode on your iPhone and Android, check out this other articles.

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