How To Save Photos From Instagram Smartly

How To Save Photos From Instagram

How To Save Photos From Instagram: Hey There 😉! We’ve all been there, come across a super cool picture and you’ll love to have it on your phone.

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It might be a picture of your favorite celebrity, a worthy WhatsApp status, a cool wallpaper, a nice outfit.

Anything entirely might come off as enticing. With your normal Instagram app, it’s impossible for you to save Instagram photos to your device.

This HowTo9ja DIY will give you every possible way to save photos from Instagram. Instagram is by default a MOBILE application.

When you use your web browser to access your Instagram account, you can still notice that Mobile App feel. Using Instagram on your PC

is slightly different, we have a post on how to give your “Instagram with PC’ that “Mobile” feel.  This post, on the other hand, will show you how to save photos from Instagram with your PC, Android app and iPhone app.

I also have another crazy way to download Instagram photos EASILY for Android users 😉


How To Save Photos From Instagram With Third Party Sites

Here, I’ll show you ways to download Instagram photos with a third party site or let me say “Instagram Download Tool” (Instagram Downloader)

They are so many sites that can do this work, a normal search on Google for this query will show you a list.

Some honorable mentions are

Steps To Use An Instagram Downloader

The steps are the same across all the above Insta Downloaders.

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Step 1: Open your Instagram account; You can open it from your PC or mobile app.

Step 2: Open the post whose picture or video you wish to download(PC users)

Step 3: Copy post link;

Mobile users: At the top of the Instagram post are three vertical lines ⋮. This is a drop-down menu, click this to access the “Copy link” option.

How To Save Photos From Instagram with an online tool

PC Users/Browser users: Even without opening your post, you could still access the copy link option, by accessing the horizontal three dots at the bottom of the post. Then click the “Copy Link” option

If you opened the post, at your address bar is the post link, Place your cursor there and Ctrl + A(Windows) Cmd ⌘ + A(Mac users) to highlight the whole URL.

Then press Ctrl + C(windows) Cmd ⌘ + C(Mac)  to copy the whole link.

Step 4: Open an “Insta Downloader“;

Open any of the links up there in your web browser.

Step 5: Paste the link;  Scan through the Insta Downloader page and locate an empty bar. Paste your link there.How To Save Photos From Instagram

Step 6: Download;  At the far right or just under the bar is the download button. Click on this to download.(You may need to scroll down)

How To Save Photos From Instagram

Step 7: Choose a folder;  Often than not, the downloader may ask you to pick a saving location. In most cases, it might save it to your download folder.


How To Save Photos From Instagram With Mobile Apps

Here, We will still be working with the third party again. In this case, its about downloading an app to your mobile device.

This method is more stress-free compared to the first method, the downside is, it works for just mobile users.

Instagram Downloaders For Android

1. Scommed Download(All social media video downloader)
2. FastSave

FastSave and Scommed are almost similar, just little tweaks here and there.

Step 1: Open your Android play store. In the search bar, type in any of the names up. 👆

Step 2: After the play store installs the app, its compulsory you open “FastSave“, Scommed isn’t recommended.

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FastSave has this feature that “Autodownload’s” Instagram picture or videos. You can toggle it on and off in the app.

Step 3: Download time;

FastSave: After toggling on the auto-download feature.

How To Save Photos From Instagram : Using FastSave
– > Open your Instagram account.
– > Go to any post whose picture or video you wish to download
– > Click on the three vertical dots ⋮ at the top-right of the post
– > Select the “Copy Link” option, FastSave will start the download process.

How To Save Photos From Instagram

Scommed Download: After installing the app

How To Save Photos From Instagram
– > Open your Instagram account.
– > Locate the post you wish to download.
– > Click the three vertical dots ⋮.
– > Choose the “Share Link..” Option
– > On the list of apps shown, locate the Scommed logo and choose it.

How To Save Photos From Instagram

A download page opens, pick the video quality you want by selecting the download button next to it.

How To Save Photos From Instagram: Using Scommed downloader

Instagram Downloaders For iPhone

1. InstaSave Repost for Instagram
2. Fast sale

These two apps follow the same steps, read FastSave steps in the Android section above. 👆

How To Download Instagram Photos & Videos With PC

This method may be a little bit technical, but if you follow my steps, you’ll get it. The idea here is getting the image from the “View Page Source ” Option.

Step 1: If you are already logged into your Instagram with your PC, skip this step.

– > From your mobile device, click on the vertical dots ⋮ at the top-right of the post.

– >Select the “Copy Link option

How To Save Photos From Instagram

– > Open your PC browser and paste the code. (You either replicate the link by typing it into your address bar, or you email yourself, open the email on your system then get the link, be creative here)

Step 2: For PC users. Click the three horizontal dots ⋯ at the bottom of the post, then click “Go To Post” to view the post on your PC.

Step 3: Take your cursor to any “non-clickable link“. Right-click, scroll down to “View Page Source” click this. A new tab opens.

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Step 4: Find image URL; With your keyboard type the “Ctrl + F“(Windows) “Cmd ⌘ + F“(Mac) shortcut.

In the search box, type “.jpg” (WITHOUT THE QUOTES)

Step 5: Highlight everything from https://instagram ………. .jpg, press Ctrl + C(Windows) Cmd ⌘ + C(Mac) to copy the whole link

How To Save Photos From Instagram on PC
Source: Lifewire

Step 6: Open a new tab, in the address bar use the Ctrl + V(windows) Cmd ⌘ + V(mac) to paste the URL then press Enter.

Step 7: Hover your mouse cursor over the image, Right Click, select the “Save As” option, give it a name and click “Save“.


Advanced Easy Method To Save Photos For Instagram(Android)

This is another way to go about this, this is kind of extreme if you’ll ask me. And if you want to know?  I USE THIS METHOD.

Step 1: Download GB Instagram from this link. (NOT ON PLAY STORE)

Step 2: Login your Instagram account with the app(THIS IS THE RISK HERE, do u trust them?  Well I do)

Step 3: Locate the post you wish to download, click the three vertical dots at the top ⋮.

Step 4: Click on “Download” if it’s visible, if it isn’t, click on “More options” then locate the “Download” option.

I hope I was able to help?

You’ve just learned how to save photos from Instagram, check out other posts on HowTo9ja


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