How To Resize An Image On Windows & Mac

How to resize images, a picture of an image that has been resized

How To Resize An Image On Your PC: We have a post on how to resize images on all devices, we have a means of resizing images on your Mobile device, just click this link. You can also resize images with the help of online sites, click this link to see more on that.

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On this post you’ll be learning how to resize images on your pc, both on your Windows and on your Mac Os.

How To Resize An Image On Your PC (Windows)

Windows comes with a tool to carry out this task, we can do this using the ‘Paint’ windows tool.

Step 1: I strongly advise you to make a copy of the image you have in mind, copy and paste the image in another folder or the same folder(Do this by right clicking on the image then scrolling down to copy or press Ctr + C -> Go to the folder you’ll love to save the backup image and press Ctrl + V)

Step 2: Come back to the image you wish to resize, right click on it and scroll down to the ‘edit‘ option.

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Step 3: In most cases, windows will give you different options to use in editing the image, you now choose ‘Paint’

Step 4: When the picture opens in the paint app, you now press Ctrl + A to select the whole image.

Step 5: Click on the resize option, the resize option can be found in the ‘Home’ tab, or you press the Ctrl + W shortcut key to open the resize option.

Step 6: It’s time to set dimensions, paint offers you an option to do this, it further allows you to either set the dimension with percentage or the usual way, if you were instructed ti use a particular dimension, you set it here.

  • Normally, Paint keeps the image original aspect ratio, entering a value in one field automatically edits the one in the other following the aspect ratio rule. If you want to change the height and width to your taste all you have to do is untick the ‘Maintain Aspect Ratio’ option.
  • Making an image larger than the original will result in a block result image
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Step 7: Click on ‘Ok‘ to resize it.

Step 8: You now drag the canvas size to match the resize image, click on the edge of the white box then keep dragging till it fits the image you just resized.

Step 9: When done click on the ‘Home‘ button and navigate to ‘Save As‘ or use the Ctr + S shortcut key. Select JPEG file then give it a name.


How To Resize An Image On Your PC(Mac Os)

Step 1: First you make a copy of the image by duplicating it, press⌘ Command+C, and then press ⌘ Command+V to paste the duplicate in the same folder.

Step 2: Open the image in the ‘Preview‘ app by Right clicking on it, then scroll down to ‘Open With‘ then click ‘Preview‘.

Step 3: Locate and click the tool options, then select ‘Adjust Size‘.

Step 4: Now comes the dimension, you either choose the pixel or percentage way to set your dimension

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Step 5: Enter the image dimensions then click ‘Ok‘ to apply the settings.

Step 6: Click on ⌘ Command+S to save the new image.

I hope I was able to help you with this task.

  • To Resize Image On Your Mobile Device Click This Link.
  • To Resize Image With An Online Tool, Click This Link.
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