How To Resize An Image On Mobile Phones

How to resize images, a picture of an image that has been resized

How To Resize An Image On Your Mobile: From time to time, while surfing the internet one may come across a site that requires an image from you, or in most cases you need to email an image to someone and the image’s file is quite large

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This post will show you a way to resize images on your mobile device, both your iOS and Android.

Resizing Images On Your Mobile

Note: The is a general method you can use in resizing your image, doesn’t matter if you are using an android or iOS device, all you have to do is follow this link, this steps involves using the internet directly.

How To Resize An Image On Your Android

The below method is another way to resize image size on your android device, if you are more concerned about resizing the image to fit a particular dimension then you should scroll down to the other method.

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Step 1: Locate the image from your images gallery.

Step 2: Click On Options(The option menu varies with your android device, in most cases it is represented as this ⋮ )

Step 3: Click on edit picture.

Step 4: Locate crop option and click it.

Step 5: Crop the image to the size you want and save it

Note: The trick about croping images is that it will reduce the file size and maintain its quality, but if the file size is still big then go to Step 6.

Step 6: After cropping the image you screenshot it(Your phone screenshot method may vary, nevertheless the most common way of doing this by pressing your lower volume button and power button at the same time)

If on the screenshot the edit options show, the trick you should do here is this; Screenshot the whole image(Unedited one) remember, when you screenshot the image size is always less, then you now edit the screenshot which is stored in the screenshot folder of your gallery, then crop the image to the size you want then save it(ITS A TRICK)

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If you have been given a particular image dimension to use, then the above method wouldn’t work for you, move to the second one

Resizing Images On Android Using Third Part Apps

Resizing images on your android device can be done with the help of an external app gotten from the pay store, the advantage of this apps is that the offer you the opportunity to set the particular dimensions you want e.g 150 × 320.

Step 1: Go to your play store

Step 2: In your search bar, type “Resize Image”.Images from play stor showing image resizing apps

Step 3: A hosts of apps will appear there, but I recommend just this one. “Resize Photo”Images from play stor showing image resizing apps

Step 4: After installing Resize Photo, you locate and open it from your app tray.

Step 5: Grant the app permission to access your photos, the option should automatically appear.Images from play stor showing image resizing apps

Step 6: Click the file logo up there File manager logo

Step 7: Locate the image you wish to resize, chose the dimensions or set a customized dimension, resize then save the image.

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How To Resize An Image On Your iOS Device

Resizing images on your iOS device is also possible with the help of third party apps, all you have to do is follow the below steps.

Step 1: Visit your iOS App store

Step 2: Search and download the “Image Size” app

Step 3: After installing, launch the app

Step 4: Choose the image you which to resize, choose the image dimensions or customize it.

Step 5: Resize it, save it and you are good to go.

You can resize images in other devices and with other method.

  1. If you don’t want to download any external app, Click this link and follow the instructions
  2. For resizing images on your pc, click this link.
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