How To Resize An Image

How to resize images, a picture of an image that has been resized

How To Resize An Image: Today, we have super cool cameras, this cameras try to bring out the best every time they are used, in other to bring out quality pictures the tend to create image files with high quality and/or size.

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At some point, you may decide to send an image, or upload and image to a site, your blog or as an attachment in an email, and many times the is a particular limit to the image size required, this is where this topic comes in handy.

Resizing images is the ability to reduce an image size without over affecting the image quality.

How Do I Resize Images?

The most common way of resizing images is with an online tool, this method works for every type of device you are using.

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Step 1: Visit any of the sites below

Step 2: Locate the Upload button

Step 3: Upload the image you which to upload

Note: The above two steps are the general instructions for this online tools, some of them have different settings after uploading the image

Some might request you to set a dimension the resulting image should have, some may ask you to convert the image to any format given.

Its advisable you leave it at its default settings, unless of course you know what you are doing. Below are some other ways to reduce images based on your device.

  1. How To resize images with a PC
  2. How to resize images with a mobile device

Hope I was able to help.

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