How to Remove iCloud Activation lock

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How to Remove iCloud Activation lock: iPhones are great gadgets and with greatness comes great stress. Ever wondered “How Do You Remove iCloud Activation Lock” this post is for you.

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Now before I give you the solution you came here for, how about I introduce this guy they call iCloud to you.

What is iCloud Activation Lock?

The Activation Lock is a feature that was introduced to Apple in iOS 7 to curtail the rate of iDevice theft. This feature is active on the iPad, iPhones, iPods, etc.  The feature comes on when you turn on the “Find My iPhone“.

How the Activation lock works is,  a user enters his Apple ID username and password to activate the “Erase All Device Data” using a different Apple ID or to disable the iPhone.

With this, one can render a stolen phone useless, cause the thief definitely doesn’t have your Activation lock login details and without this, the iDevice is useless.

The downside is, purchasing a used iPhone might trap you here too if the former user forgot to deactivate the iDevice.

How Do I Know My iPhone Is Under Activation Lock?

This is pretty straight forward when you are setting up your new iDevice and are faced with a page that says “Activation Lock” and asks for the device’s Apple ID Username and password.

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How to Remove iCloud Activation
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What Are The Ways To Remove iCloud Activation Lock? 

Below are the 4 methods for you to remove icloud activation lock without the password. In most cases, going about this ordeal might be illegal.

The methods I’ll be teaching you today are below, you can turn off activation lock without a password by:

  • Remotely Method(recommended)
  • Using DNS Method(Terms and Conditions applies)
  • Asking Apple Method(recommended)
  • Premium Services Method(Not guaranteed)

How to Remove iCloud Activation lock Remotely(Might not work for iOS 10 and above)

The idea here is, contact whoever sold the iDevice to you and tell him how to delete it.

Note: Activation lock was activated to protect iPhone users’ personal data.

The former user can access his iCloud from anywhere in the world so all he/she needs here is a working device and an internet connection.

He/she will have to release the device from wherever they are, so share this article to them.

Step 1:
Start by visiting/clicking this link

Step 2:
Sign in to the iCloud site by entering your Apple ID and passcode.

Step 3:
Tap “Find iPhone“. In most cases that link takes you directly here.

Step 3:
Tap “All Devices” located at the top.

Step 4:
Choose which device you want to remove from the iCloud account.

Step 5:
If necessary, tap “Erase iPhone“.

Step 6:
Once the device has been deleted, click on “Remove from Account“.

How to Remove iCloud Activation lock Using DNS

Note: This method might work for you, but it is pretty risky because, the break the connection between your device and Apple.

That implies you won’t be competent to get new updates to the iOS, fix crucial security defects and bugs, or likely get support from Apple. That’s a pretty heavy fee to pay.

Step 1:
Restart your IOS device.

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Step 2:
Complete the Setup tasks until you reach the “Choose Wi-Fi network“.

Step 3:
Tap the Home button. Click “More Wifi Settings“.

Step 4:
Tap on the “i” symbol close to the ‘WiFi network‘.

Step 5:
Tap “Configure DNS“. Then Tap “Manual“.

Step 6:
Click “+Add Server” and a blank page will come up.

Step 7:
Enter the server address of your location. Here are some of the examples:

Europe, Australia, and other locations:

How to Remove iCloud Activation lock Using DNS
Source: iMore

Step 8:
Click “Save“.

Step 9:
Click on the back option and click “Join this Network“.

Step 10:
If asked, enter the network password and tap “Join“.

Step 11:
When the IOS device tries to activate, click on the back button.

Step 12:
You can now continue setting up your device like normal.

Note: This method is not always working especially for those new iOS versions, like iOS 10 and later.

How to Remove iCloud Activation by Asking Apple

This is the best method I think.

Off Course, Apple can help in unlocking your device, but boy o boy you have to prove to them that indeed it is your device or you purchased it legally.

  1. Show your proof to Apple that you are the owner of the iPhone. You can show your receipt.
  2. Show your proof to Apple that the ownership has been transferred from the previous owner to you.

Just so you know, if the phone has been reported missing, they wouldn’t help you, if you can’t show real proof, they wouldn’t help you.

How to Remove iCloud Activation by Premium Services

Note: Make a thorough review and research on iRemove. Most of these third-party apps are SCAMS be careful out there. If you wish to proceed, this is a method that is quite famous.

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Even in Freetown, things aren’t free, this should be your last option or your first, it’s up to you

Note This Requirements To Use This Method

  • You should have full access to your iPhone settings. That means it doesn’t work if your iPhone is stuck at the iCloud activation lock screen.
  • The iPhone should be connected to either GSM or Wi-Fi.
  • It doesn’t work for iPhone that is reported as lost or stolen.
  • It only supports all iOS versions up to iOS 11.3.1. Future release iOS 11.4 and higher are not supported.

Now, if you meet the above requirements, follow the below steps

Step 1:
Download the latest version of iRemove and install it on your computer.

  • For Windows Click Here
  • For Mac Click Here

Step 2:
Launch iRemove software and connect your iPhone to it. It will verify whether your iPhone is eligible to bypass Apple ID or not.

Step 3:
Place the order and pay for it.

Step 4:
After payment, just follow the onscreen instructions on iRemove. When it finishes, you can set up your iPhone as normal.

Check out this video.

You’ve learned how to remove iCloud Activation Lock, checkout other how-to articles on HowTo9ja:



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