How To Post To Instagram With PC With 3 Methods

How To Post To Instagram With PC Using This 3 Simple Methods

How To Post To Instagram With PC: Hello there! How are you? Hope you are cool? Well, in today’s post I’ll be teaching you how to upload images and post on Instagram by using your computer.

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As you guys already know, Instagram application only works on your mobile device or let’s say Instagram was created predominantly for your mobile device.

Let me break it to you that it is very possible for you to make Instagram posts with your personal computer
Assuming you work in an office or some other place and you don’t want to use a smartphone to make this upload

You prefer to use Instagram on your PC then there is a problem, by standard we cannot upload our images on Instagram by using computer without any tricks, so that’s the purpose of this post.
Let’s do this.

How To Post To Instagram With PC

They are about three methods to do this
1. Using ‘Inspect Mode’
2. Using Blue Stack
3. Using Vivaldi

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Post To Instagram With PC Using The ‘Inspect Mode’

Step 1: Open any browser on your PC. (I am working with Chrome browser)
Step 2: Load Instagram by typing in
Step 3: Login to your Instagram account.
Step 4: Take your cursor to a section of your screen and right click.

How To Post To Instagram With PC With 3 Methods » Android, Instagram, Pc, Windows

Step 5: In the right-click list, scroll down and navigate to the ‘inspect mode‘ on windows the shortcut key is “ctrl+shift+I
Step 6: At the top of your screen, you should see ‘Responsive” when you click it a drop-down menu appears.
Step 7: Choose any mobile phone dimensions(the smaller the dimensions the smaller the screen) since its a PC I advise you take something bigger(I will use the iPhone 6/7/8 plus.)

Post To Instagram With PC Using The 'Inspect Mode'
Step 8: You can zoom in by clicking on the zoom option still at the top menu.
Step 9: Reload the page by pressing ‘Ctrl + f5’
Step 10: At this point, your Instagram should look like an Instagram application on a mobile device I.e the upload button, usually a + sign at the lower section of your screen should appear.

Post To Instagram With PC Using The 'Inspect Mode'
Step 11: Click on the image you wish to upload

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At this point, everything you do in this window will be like you using a mobile browser to browse.

Post To Instagram With PC Using Vivaldi

I have another option for you, using this method you can also upload your images on your Instagram timeline so let’s see and now you need to download the browser the name of the browser that is Vivaldi.
Vivaldi works on both your Mac and Windows

Step 1: Search and download the new Vivaldi browser by clicking this link if you are using a Mac download for Mac if it’s a windows download for windows in both cases the options for this are there.
Step 2: Install the application to your PC.
Step 3: You are to, then click the plus(+) icon (Add Web Panel) on the left-hand side of the browser’s interface. The URL will fill in automatically, so all you have to do is click the plus again.
Step 4: The mobile version of Instagram will now appear in the browser’s sidebar usually on the left-hand side of the browser’s screen, and it will remain there as you browse other sites. Log into your account, then resize the sidebar until the mobile site fits you well.

Step 5: Time to upload that cute picture of yours, like the ‘Inspect Mode’ option, you are accessing your Instagram account like you are using your mobile phone, all you have to do now is click on the plus icon at the bottom of your screen.

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Post To Instagram With PC Using Bluestack

The whole theory of this method is turning your Pc into an android phone.
Relax, don’t trip its temporal and requires no major experience.
Step 1: All you have to do here is follow this link and learn how to set it up.

Step 2: Download and install your Instagram app on Bluestack.
Step 3: Login to your Instagram account.
Step 4: Upload your posts and you are done.


The whole idea about Instagram is to upload photos and videos on your mobile device, so anything other than that is not the main drill.

Using Instagram with your PC is only possible when you convert the browsers tab to a mobile phone or use an Android emulator.

Hope I was able to help you?

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