How To Use PDF Wiz; The Perfect PDF Tool

How To Use PDF Wiz; The Perfect PDF Tool

How To Use PDF Wiz; The Perfect PDF Tool: We are in a digital world, with lots of features, tools, and accessories at our beck and call. PDF files are one of the many things that have helped to make life easy for us.

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Conversant with computers or not, you have come across PDF files, in your office, from your lecturers, with your friends, in school, when seeking for jobs, etc.

Often we need to do a whole lot with our PDF documents and need features to make this easy, you may prefer accessing your PDF file as a word document, a spreadsheet, powerpoint, etc, without losing the quality of the PDF file, PDF Wiz comes in here.

What Is PDF Wiz?

PDF Wiz is a free PDF toolkit owned by Starzsoft, a company aimed at creating PC Software and mobile apps to make our digital life easy.

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PDF Wiz is an all-round PDF tool that kings in the PDF world. Using this free tool, one can convert a PDF file to other document formats.

PDF Wiz doesn’t only converts but can help you do so many things with your PDF File.

What Features Does PDF Wiz Offer?

With PDF Wiz, you can convert your PDF files to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Text, Html, and Image. You can also convert most document formats like Word and Images to PDF.

You can also use PDF Wiz for other juicy features; You can

  • Split PDF
  • Merge PDF
  • Compress PDF
  • Extract Images from PDF
  • Extract Pages from PDF
  • Password Management

I seldom do a lot with PDF, so I am not ready to spend a penny buying a PDF tool(Adobe Acrobat and the rest), PDF Wiz will be the perfect tool for me because it is FREE! Who doesn’t like free things?

Starzsoft made this tool very easy for basically anyone, you don’t need to have an account or/to activate it, it is available offline making your privacy a priority.

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Online Or Offline PDF Tools, Which Is Best? 

I have articles focused on doing a thing or two with PDF files, you’ll come across many online tools as suggestions. Well, Online tools come into play when I am working with a not too sensitive PDF file.

I’ll rather go with an Offline PDF tool than an Online tool because;

1. My security is guaranteed, I mean you upload your file to an online tool, it works on your PDF then offers you a download button, ever wondered if they keep your files? What of the possibility of downloading a virus or malicious content to your device?

2. Quality is gambled with, the online tool wants to make it quick and easy, as much as they try to give you the best, there’s an 80% possibility that they can’t deliver this. Uploading and downloading weights down servers, so to save their Servers and still maintain their customers,

they’ll not give 100% focus to quality. An Offline tool works based on the efficiency of your PC’s processor. The faster the PC the faster the process but in both cases, quality is top-notch.

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3. File Size won’t matter much in an Offline tool, you don’t want to upload a 50mb PDF file to an online tool, you will sleep there, that’s if it doesn’t timeout.

How Do I Use PDF Wiz?

  1. Download the PDF Wiz zip file, follow this link to download it.
  2. Click on “Convert“.
  3. It will automatically start downloading the tool to your device.
  4. Unzip the file on your pc and install it. How to Unzip files here.
  5. Launch the tool.
  6. Open and select the modes according to your needs
  7. Select the PDF files
  8. Start process

Visit this link for specific guides to achieving different tasks with PDF Wiz.

If you have any questions or suggestions, ask in the comment section.

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