How To Move Games Without Losing Progress(Data)

How To Move Games Without Losing Progress(Data)

How To Move Games Without Losing Progress: Good day! Moving from one device to another is really cool, most especially when the new device at hand is a major upgrade to your former device.

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The downside of these is having to start your game from the beginning, therefore losing all the progress you had on your first device.

Today, I’m here to break the news to you that it’s possible to move your game’s progress and save file to the new device irrespective of the game in question.

I’m very sure you’ve had this feeling somewhere that your saved files are somewhere in your pc. Well, often that not, you are very right, this is very possible if the game not an online game.

The saved files must be stored on your PC / mobile device and by copying them to any storage medium you can start the game in the future from the same place you stopped. So where are the games saved?

Therefore, in this article, we will show you how to move games without losing progress on Android and Windows.

Where are the saved games?

For the most part on PCs, game-saving files are placed directly in the gaming folder. However, this is not always the case: Games that require an Internet connection, such as MMORPG, as well as multiplayer shooters do not have any saved files. So you shouldn’t even try to look for them: all the data about the user’s account and their progress is stored online.

But not all games are in their folders. Then where are the saved games if you can’t find them in the directory where the game was installed? They are in the semi-system directory Local. Here too games are downloaded from major sites such as Steam, BattleNet, as well as from the Ubisoft site.

You can get free gift cards by playing on the major game site. In this case, all game data, including saving files, will be located in the root directory of these sites. Sometimes the files for programs installed via a torrent/disk appear here, so you should always check this directory.

How To Move Games On Windows

In the address bar, enter C: \\ Users \\ \\ AppData \\ Local. Username – The name of the account. The user is thrown into the directory where the files from almost all applications are located.

Where are the games stored on “Android”?

The files from most Android games are in the Data folder. However, this only applies to games and applications that are downloaded from the Play Market or that do not have a cache and additional files. Collect free cards to play more games.

How To Move Games On Android

To get to the Data folder, open the phone files, select the device memory and find the Android folder there. It will contain several files, among which are the Valued Data. 90% of the application files are easily copied. By digging into the folders of games, be careful: Deleting/cutting out any file you need may not start or scroll forward.

But sometimes, especially when downloading games not through the Play Market, but from various third-party sites, or if the game needs an additional cache, it may not be on this list. This is because such games during installation create a separate directory for themselves.

In this case, where are the saved games except this directory? They can be in two places: in the root directory of the device memory or in the game tab. Use codes generator to win many games.

How To Update The Save File

Then the files are copied and saved and the device is updated. The user enters the game and it begins over.

How to insert saved game correctly to return to past progress

Everything is pretty simple: You need to add pre-copied files to where the game’s save files are stored. The path to these sites is described in detail above. Next, delete all perfect saved ones and instead paste those that were copied from the previous device.

Hope it worked for you?

How To Move Games Without Losing Progress(Picture)

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