How To Make Delicious Puff Puff

How To Make Delicious Puff Puff

How To Make Delicious Puff Puff: Good day! You know that greasy/oily soft, foamy edible ball. Usually small in size and like a brother to Akara(bean cake) o yeah! It originated from Nigeria and is called “Puff Puff“.

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I am a late 90’s kid and I grew up eating puff puff. In fact, Puff puff was integral in our break period meals. Best served with a cold drink, this delicacy has been saving Stomachs since 1900 😉.

You are ready to make this magic right? This is how to go about it, get your ingredients ready and let us create this. If you are based outside, get any Nigerian who grew up here, let him/her gist you of how juicy this is.

Ingredients To Make Puff Puff

Just like 80% of all meals, Puff Puff is both straightforward and hard to make, mixing comes to play here, anybody can mix but other steps must be followed to arrive at that juicy puff puff. We couldn’t do this without help from AllNigerianRecipies

The ingredients listed here is to make about 25 balls of Nigerian puff puff, almost the average size of a lady’s fist. If you want more or less with your discretion you should know what to do.

  • Plain Flour: 2 Cups(250g)
  • Bread Baking Yeast: 2 teaspoons
  • Ground Nutmeg: ½ teaspoon
  • Granulated Sugar: ½ cup
  • Salt: 3 pinches
  • Lukewarm Water for mixing
  • Vegetable Oil for frying

Note: The are two possible types of yeast you might have. If its the yeast that looks like pebbles or a paste, you are too mix it with lukewarm water. You’ll add it to the puff puff mix.

If the yeast is powdery, no need for that, you’ll add it when you add other ingredients.

Utensils To Make Delicious Puff Puff With

  • Aluminum Foil (necessary but optional)
  • About two bowls.
  • A deep pot.
  • Mixing spoon or Spatula.
  • Frying Spoon.

How To Make Delicious Puff Puff

There’s a video below, watching the video will help more.

In A Bowl

Step 1:
In a bowl, mix the flour, powdered yeast, sugar, and salt and mix all.

Step 2:
While mixing, occasionally add little quantity of water till all the above ingredients have blended well. LITTLE WATER.

If your yeast was the pebbles type, add it now. If you want the puff puff ingredients to rise faster, mix with warm water.

Step 3:
Still, keep mixing till the batter is smooth and not too watery. This mix should be thicker if compared to pancake. If you scoop it with a spoon and it flows out, we’ve messed up.

How To Make Delicious Puff Puff
Source: Pinterest

Step 4:
Cover the mix with something, make it airtight. This is where the aluminum foil comes in. If the bowl has a tight cover, use it here.

Step 5:
Leave it locked for about 45 – 50 minutes. The batter will rise. Air bubbles will be seen on the surface.

Over To The Pot

Step 6:
Pour a good amount of oil in the pot. We don’t really support using a deep fryer for the puff puff. If you do, the temperature should be about 165°C – 170°C.

How To Make Delicious Puff Puff
Source: Pinterest

Add enough oil, enough to allow the puff puff SINK inside, unless you want flat puff puff 😏.

Step 7:
You can confirm how hot the oil is by adding a batter into the pot. Normally, it will sizzle and come up to the oil’s surface. If it isn’t hot enough, the batter will sink completely.

Step 8:
This is quite critical, with your hand, scoop the thick batter, squeeze it a little till the batter flows out of your thumb and index finger then place it inside the pot.

If you do this well, you’ll get that round perfect shape.

Step 9:
Keep adding more scoops till the surface is covered. They shouldn’t touch each other too much.

Step 10:
Occasionally, turn the puff puff and confirm if the under has turned brown. When the under turns brown, turn the upside and the same procedure.

Step 11:
When both sides are brown. Using your frying spoon, take out the golden brown puff puff and place it in a sieve.

To reduce the amount of oil in your puff puff, place paper towels around the sieve so the oil will drain.

How To Make Delicious Puff Puff
Golden Brown Puff Puff!

Step 12:
You’ve seen how to make delicious puff puff, now send my share, serve it with chill drink and enjoy this magic. Most people sprinkle granulated sugar on it.

Watch How To Make Delicious Puff Puff(Video) 


I hope it worked for you? Drop a comment below and share the post.

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