How To Make A Website SEO-Proof

How To Make A Website SEO-Proof

Tips For The Perfect SEO Website: Creating a good website or Blog that is SEO-proof is often underestimated. Only a nice website is not yet a guarantee for success. I often see it happen: people who make a website without a plan. Then, during the construction process, they notice that things are not going as smoothly as planned. And afterwards it appears that the website is not easy to find in the search engines, because it is not SEO-proof.

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Make sure you have an SEO strategy before you start creating your website. This means that you organize your website in such a way that you are easy to find in search engines. And of course you want that too. Because a nice website is very nice, but if there is no one who finds it, it will not help you.

Avoid problems and think carefully about which way you want to go with your site. Make a good SEO strategy based on that. That really helps you. Whether you have your website built or you are going to make it yourself in one of the training courses, it is all a lot easier with proper preparation. And you get the desired result: customers. But what do you have to arrange? And how do you do that?

Which style suits you and your target group?

The first step is determining what you want to radiate with your company and your website. This is closely related to the people you want to reach. Do you focus on young mothers? Then your site will look very different than when your target group consists of job seekers, homeowners or children. So make sure that you are clear about who your potential customers are and what appeals to them.

How To Make A Website SEO-Proof

Of course, the style of your site must also suit you and your company. What do you like? Do you need some inspiration? Just take a look around the internet. Or take a look at my portfolio to see what appeals to you. Do you find it difficult to determine what suits you? If you build your website, or if you do it yourself during one of your training sessions, then you will get to know what you exactly what in your website.

The Basis of SEO: keyword research

Once you have your target group clear, you can proceed to the next step: the keyword research. First of all you need to know on which search terms you want to be found and which search terms your target group types in the search engine. And strangely enough, the latter does not always correspond to the first. Maybe you came up with a nice search term, but it is only searched for twice a month. Then you only have two potential customers per month. That is a bit scanty.

A keyword search can be quite difficult. You can do this yourself, but it is often better and easier to outsource this. A pro knows what works well and has handy tools that make it quickly clear which search terms are popular in your field. Together you look at what people are looking for, and which terms match your company and image. Then, process the results of the keyword research into the structure of your site.

SEO texts for your website

What else do you do with that list of search terms? You process that in the texts on your website. You should also think about this carefully. You can randomly scatter some search terms through your texts, but that is not enough. An SEO text has a certain structure. The keywords must appear in strategic places in your texts. And most importantly: the texts must be of very good quality. You can work on this yourself, but for a really good result you need an SEO copywriter.

Conversion optimization: provide excellent content

Of course you don’t just want to be easy to find in the search engines. Conversion is also nice: your visitors take action when they have landed on your site. This is very closely related to the SEO texts. High-quality texts not only ensure that you are easy to find, but also that your visitors do what you want, for example, buy something or contact you. Good texts convince. And then your goal is achieved: your visitors become customers and you start earning money.

Conversion is also inextricably linked to the layout of your website. Your site must be clear and user-friendly. Because if visitors have to search for something, they quickly drop out. That is so bad, because then you will miss out on customers. That is why you should always ensure that you have a site that is entirely geared to conversion so that you get the most out of it.

But what exactly does conversion have to do with SEO? Very simple: the better the quality of the site, the higher you end up with the search engines. Because those search engines keep track of how often people click on your site, how long they stay there, and what they do there. If your visitors leave quickly, you drop in the search results. And if you know how to hold on to your visitors for a long time and how to encourage them to take action, then you rise. A super good web design and convincing content are therefore of great importance.

Need more help creating your website?

Making a website is a decent undertaking and something to think about well in advance. As a web builder, I take care of conversion optimization in your web design, but you also have to get started yourself. Make sure you have a good website builder to help you build your website. I promise you that you will benefit enormously with clasywebsitebuilders .

Make Your Site SEO-Proof With This Infografics

How To Make A Website SEO-Proof

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