How To Log Out Of Gmail Smartly

How To Log Out Of Gmail On All Devices

How To Log Out Of Gmail: Hey there 😉This HowTo9ja DIY teaches how to log out on Gmail accounts. If you are one who uses multiple devices to access your Gmail

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You will find a way here on how to log out of Gmail from those devices without needing to change your password.

This article will also teach you how to sign out of Gmail on your iPhone, Android device, and from your PC.

It also suggests different ways to block third-party apps or sites from using your Gmail account’s data.

In a nutshell, I’ll also title this DIY as a way to secure your Gmail account.

How To Log Out Of Gmail On Android

Samsung, Huawei, Infinix, One plus, Techno, etc. all have one thing in common; they are all android devices.

Android and Gmail are synonymous; you can’t have full access to your android device without linking your Gmail account.

Signing out of your Gmail app or Gmail account on chrome browser means you are removing that particular Gmail account from the whole android device.

This section focuses on signing out mainly from your Gmail app for android and Gmail in chrome.

If you access Gmail through another means like a browser, the steps are very different, go down to the Online part.

Steps To Sign Out Of Gmail On Android

Step 1: Open the settings app;  From your android’s application menu, open your default Android “Settings” app. A gear mostly represents it ⚙️.

How To Log Out Of Gmail On Android

Step 2: Open the “Account” option;  Scroll down your “Settings” options till you locate “Account.”

How To Log Out Of Gmail On Android

In most Android devices(Samsung), you’ll need to select the “Account” options; others may just be a dropdown.

Step 3: Select “Google“; You should see the “Google” account option; it is mostly the first option.

How To Log Out Of Gmail On Android

Step 4: Pick an Account; In a situation where your device has many accounts, you should select the account you wish to remove.

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Note: You can’t remove the Gmail account used in setting up your Android device. (ANDROID and GMAIL go hand in hand)

Step 5: Locate the “Remove” option; On most android devices, the “Remove Account” option will be visible.

How To Log Out Of Gmail On Android

If you can’t find yours, at the top of your screen are three horizontal dots , click this a menu drops down.

Step 6: Remove the account; Click on the “Remove Account” option. This will sign the Gmail account you picked out of the Android device ultimately.

How To Sign Out Gmail On iPhone

Unlike Android phones, your Gmail account isn’t a significant part of your iOS device.

You can integrate your Gmail account with your browser(chrome) or Gmail app for iOS.

This DIY will show you how to log out of Gmail for your iPhone Gmail app.

To log out of Gmail using a browser, go to the section below.

Steps To Log Out Of Gmail On iPhone

Step 1: Open Gmail; From your app tray, locate and open your Gmail app.

Step 2: Open the “Option” menu; At the top of your screen, mostly at the top-left, click on the ‘option‘ menu. Three horizontal lines represent it .

Step 3: Access the accounts menu; In the slide-in list, at the very top of your screen, you’ll find the current Gmail account.

Towards the right is a kind of “v” shaped icon, tap this to access all accounts signed to the app.

Step 4: Tap the “Manage Accounts” option; You can find this at the bottom of the last Gmail account there.

Step 5: Edit your accounts; At the top-right part of your screen is the “Edit” button, tap this.

Step 6: Remove the account; Appended to the right of each Gmail account is a “Remove” button. Click the one next to the account you wish to remove.

Step 7: Confirm the removal; At the top-left section of the screen is a “Done” option, click this to confirm the deletion.

How To Remove A Gmail Account From A Browser

Now, this section will show you how to log out of Gmail from a browser. If you logged into your Gmail with your PC browser

The mobile browser, etc., this will show you how-to. The section is divided into two parts.

Steps To Sign Out Gmail From A Desktop Browser

Step 1: Open your Gmail account; On your device browser, open

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This leads to your default email address’ inbox.

Step 2: Access the account menu; At the top-right section of your account, click your profile picture.

How To Log Out Of Gmail On PC

If your Gmail account doesn’t have a profile yet(you can set it), what you’ll find there is the first letter of your Gmail’s address.

Step 3: Sign out; At the bottom of the drop-down menu, click on “Sign Out.” This will sign you out of your Gmail account. Any other Gmail account will be signed out too. The sign out button takes you to the “Choose An Account” page.

Step 4: Remove the account: Click on the “Remove An Account” option. It is at the bottom of your page.

Step 5: Delete Account; At the far right of each account, an X icon appears. Click the X next to the Gmail account you want to remove.

Step 6: Confirm Delete; If Gmail prompts you, click on “Ok” to confirm your delete.

Your Gmail account will be removed from the computer’s browser.

If you signed in to other browsers, go to each and follow the same steps.

Steps To Log Out Of Gmail From Mobile Browsers(EXCEPT CHROME FOR ANDROID)

To sign out of Gmail with chrome browser, go to the very top(most especially android users)

Step 1: Open Gmail; From your address bar, type in, this will take you to your Gmail inbox.

Step 2: Open the ‘Option‘ menu;  From the top left part of your screen is the options menu. It is represented with three horizontal lines .

How To Log Out Of Gmail On Mobile Browser

Step 3: Select your account;  At the top of your screen, you’ll see the current Gmail account is a type of rectangular box, click it.

How To Log Out Of Gmail On Mobile Browser

Step 4: Sign Out;  The next window shows you all the Gmail account signed to the browser. Click on “Sign Out.”

How To Log Out Of Gmail On Mobile Browser

Step 5: Tap the “Remove Account” option; On the next page, at the bottom of your screen is the “Remove Account” option. Select this.

How To Log Out Of Gmail On Mobile Browser

Step 6: Pick an account to remove; At the far right of all Gmail accounts in the browser is a

How To Log Out Of Gmail On Mobile Browser

remove sign it might be an X or a hyphen surrounded by a circle ⛔(if you know its name tell me 😉) click any sign you find there.

Step 7: Confirm Removal;  Gmail will ask you to confirm your Removal.

How To Log Out Of Gmail On Mobile Browser


How To Sign Out Of Gmail On Other Devices

How this works is this. You logged in with a friend’s device to check up something.

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You now far from him/her and can’t access her device to log out of your Gmail. The big ‘G’s have a solution for you.

With your desktop browser, you can sign out of   Gmail across any device your account is signed to.

If your first intention was to change your password, relax, I’ve got you covered.

Steps To Logout Of Gmail On Other Devices

Step 1: On your desktop browser, open your Gmail account from this link

If you have no access to a PC, don’t stress it, we can work with your mobile phone.

Go to your play store and download the “Puffin” browser.

If you have a Chrome mobile browser, we can work with it too.

After launching any of the browsers, from the top-right menu, toggle on the “Desktop View” option.  Then open your Gmail account.

If the view doesn’t change on your browser, open, search for “Gmail sign-in,” click the search result and sign in.

It should have that desktop view. (For the record I used my mobile device for this tutorial)

Step 2: Go to the very end of your page, at the far right you’ll see “Last account activity,” click on “Details.

How to logout of gmail on other devices.

Step 3: On the next page, click the “Sign Out All Other Web Sessions” button. This will log out your Gmail on another device Like Magic 🔮).

How to logout of gmail on other devices.

You can see a list of devices you’ve logged in with recently.

Phew! If there’s any new feature, please mention it in the comment section.

I hope I was able to help? Check out other HowTo9ja articles below:


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