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How To Use Our Speed Test Tool

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  1. Click on RUN SPEED TEST above
  2. Then give it time to run the speed test
  3. Go below to understand your results.
Understanding The Speed Test Result

Now, the results are pretty simple to understand, you know the whole thing about browsing is the uploading and downloading of data

Probably you are familiar with the word downloading when it come to files that is, getting a file from a site, it might be an mp3 file, pdf file, mp4, doc, jpg etc

but the moment you open a site, you are already downloading  yeah!! you download what you view, thou the are always in small small bytes thats why you rarely notice it

but sometimes the site might be pretty large and it takes time to download that’s when you have a slow site.

  1. The ‘.'(dot): in the result above you might first see a set of numbers starting with a dot (.) and ending with ‘ms‘, ‘s’ ‘m’ or ‘h'(Trust me if you see h then your network is very slow. The ‘ms’ stands for ‘mili second’ you know we have Hour, Minute, Second and MILI SECOND so, the ‘ms’ and the number in front of it is the amount of miliseconds it took for your network to make the first connection to the ‘Speed Test Tool’ e.g • 395 ms so it took my network 395 mili seconds to ping the test tool
  2. The ‘↓'(Arrow facing down): You probably have figured this out, well that arrow signifies ‘Download’ speed, it is followed by a ‘Mbps‘ now, the Mbps means ‘Megabyte per second’ this symbolizes the number of seconds it take your network connectivity to download an ‘mb’. (Megabyte is the measurement of your file size on the internet, therefore as kg is to weight so is mb to internet files) e.g ↓ 9 Mbps so my network downloads at 9 megabytes per second (Well, yeah sometimes *winks)
  3. The ‘↑'(Arrow facing up): This is the direct opposite of the arrow facing down, here it is your uploading speed so ↑ 3 Mbps means my network uploads at 3 megabytes per second.

Now, this figures are what your network reads at that particular second you made the test, networks is never stable.

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