How To Install Windows 10 On Macbook

Install Windows 10 On Macbook

Install Windows 10 On Macbook: Although macOS has done an admirable job for all the tech freaks, sometimes all you need is Windows to get your job done. You just start missing the features of the Windows in your system and want to enjoy it on the go, right? Well, if you are wondering about having a Windows 10 on your MacBook, then you are in the right place. 

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This post will highlight a step by step guide on how you can install Windows 10 on your Macbook, regular laptop, or gaming laptop you bought under $600. So, scroll down and get ready to enjoy your most fav features of Windows on your Mac RN. 

Basic Requirements To Install Windows 10 On Macbook

Before we dive deep into the tutorial, you need to make sure that you have:

  1. A strong internet connection
  2. Backed up data
  3. At least 64 to 128GB of storage

In addition to that, you also need to check the system requirements beforehand, which will save you quite a lot of time. In this case, you need to ensure that your MacBook is compatible with Windows 10. 

Step By Step Guide on How to Install Windows 10 on MacBook

Once you have made sure all of the above requirements, now you are all set to install Windows 10 on your system. Now get started with the following guide. 

Step 1: Get Windows 10 ISO Copy

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To get Windows 10 ISO copy, you need to plug in your USB drive into the MacBook and open a Web Browser. Visit the official website of Microsoft to download Windows 10 ISO. From there, you can select the edition of Windows 10 that you need to install on your system and click confirm.

Install Windows 10 On Macbook

From there, select your desired language and click confirm. Click on 64-bit download and save the ISO file into your USB drive. This might take a while, so you need to be patient. 

Step 2: Set Up The Boot Camp

Once you have got Windows 10 on your USB, keep it plugged in and make sure that you have saved all the unsaved files and closed all the running apps on your MacBook.

Install Windows 10 On Macbook

Now, open the Boot Camp Assistant app where you will find the “Utilities” folder in “Applications. Now click “Continue” that will automatically locate the Windows ISO file

Step 3: Choose the Partition 

Now it is time to install Windows. Now you should decide the size of the Windows partition that should be on your system’s internal drive.

Install Windows 10 On Macbook

Remember that the size of the partition needs to be at least 64GB. You need to choose the partition size wisely as you won’t be able to do that after you have installed Windows. 

Step 4: Install Windows 10

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After that, click “Install.” Clicking on Install will start the partitioning, and your system will restart automatically without any warning. There could be a blank screen for some time during this process and after the partitions are set,

Install Windows 10 On Macbook

Windows 10 installation will begin. Once Windows 10 has started, select the Format, language, and keyboard & click “Next.” Now click “Install” to proceed. 

Step 5: Activate The Windows 

After that, you need to activate your windows by entering the “Windows Product Key” and select the version of the Windows 10 that you need to install. Click “Next” & accept the License Terms to proceed

Step 6: Format The Partition

Now, you need to select the partition labeled as “Drive 0 Partition X: BOOTCAMP. Don’t select any other partition as it can overwrite your MacOS installation. Double-check that you have selected the right partition and click “Format.” After the formatting process is done, click “Next” to begin the installation

You will get on-screen prompts to install Windows 10. This will take some time. After the windows have been installed, your system will reboot and prompt you again to the screen where you need to enter the activation key of the windows. If you don’t have the key, simply skip this step as you can activate the windows later.

Step 7: Set Up Windows 10

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Now you can set up Windows 10 on your MacBook. Voila! You can start enjoying it. You can always switch back to macOS any time you want. 

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