How To Write An Application Letter Outstandingly

How To Write An Application Letter Outstandingly: Wow, You just came across a job opening and you are about to strike! Calm down great one, we need you to get this work so we are going to help you present yourself the best way.

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Without much ado, let me simply divulge this phrase the call ‘An Application Letter’. Wikipedia defines Application Letters the same way the define cover letter, in fact Wikipedia calls Application Letter Cover Letter also. So what exactly is Application Letter or Cover Letter?

An Application Letter also known as a Cover Letter is a document that goes with your CV(curriculum vitae) when applying for a job. Your CV is more focused on showing the skills you have, it includes your educational background, Your Application letter on the other hand reveals the requirements you posses for this particular job.

Things To Note When Writing An Application Letter

  1. You need to dish out time to study broadly the company you are applying to and what the stand for, what qualifications they require, the standards it upholds etc.
  2. When you are done reviewing the company, you should have known if you posses the attributes to work there, if you are convinced you have the values to rock this company, it’s now time for you to note them in your letter. I strongly advise that you stay natural here, a very smart HR(Human Resources) will spot fake(ness).
  3. Your Fonts should be between 10 and 12.
  4. The letter shouldn’t exceed a page.

Section 1: Steps On How To Write An Application Letter(Addresses and Addressing)

Now its time for us to write this killer application letter, the letter has to be unique cause you are step from getting this job, perfection is what we are aiming for here! so heck yeah we have to write the most professional coolest application letter that will hit the company’s post box.

Writing Your Contact Address

Here you are to make an avenue available that you could be reached back to. The letterhead should be the exact one for this.

  • Your document should be aligned to the left
  • You now include the current date,(space) your contact information which are
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • Email address
    • Personal website (optional)
    • LinkedIn profile
    • Whats app Contact(Optional)
Writing The Company’s Address

When you are done with your personal address, its time we address the company. To do this, you write your proposed employer’s information, this includes his/her title, name of company and address at the right hand side of the sheet(Or left), you skip a line under your address and write this section. When you do this, you pass this different message:

  • When you add the company’s address you convince them that you have done your homework and done a lot of digging about the company.
  • Doing your background work about the company may put you ahead of other competitions.
  • If you have no idea of the name of the hiring manager, search through the company’s website to see if you can find him. Go to LinkedIn, and even search Twitter and Facebook. If you can’t narrow down a specific name, see if you can find the head of the department to which you are applying. If all else fails and you have no name, it’s OK to address your cover letter to the hiring manager of the department. Example: “[Department] Hiring Manager”.

How To Write An Application Letter Outstandingly

Addressing Your Employer

At the right hand side of your letter, a line below the Company’s address, you now address your future employer. On no account should you address your employer as “To Whomsoever it May Concern”, this will be the height of rudeness and shows your laziness to research the company. If you have no idea the HR’s name, a basic “Dear [Department] Hiring Manager” will do the job.

Adding The Letter Topic

Often than not, it is advised that you write the topic of the Application letter. This is more interesting if you are writing to apply for a position that wasn’t announced. If you will be writing the Topic of the letter(Which I suggest you do), write it in UPPER CASE or In Capital Letters then Underline it. The topic comes after the “Dear …” and the Body of the letter.

Section 2: Steps On How To Write A Cover Letter(Body Of The Application Letter)

You are definitely not the only one applying for this job, in a situation where you are applying to a big company, the will definitely be many other Application Letters in the company’s mail box, for us(you) to get this job, we have to give the HR a reason not to dump your letter in the trash can.

Your Paragraph Should Be Captivating

The paragraph does a lot, the starting part of your letter can make or mar your letter, so consider this when starting your paragraph;

  • Kick Off with the mindset of a winner and one who is excited to apply for this job, you have to make your HR know that you are so interested(Desperate) in this job.
  • Be short, precise and specific. Its not bad to let the company know what attracted you to it,before you do this be sure to know how casual the company is.
  • You need to make your employer know that you are the perfect choice for this job, you need to make the HR know how familiar with the company by writing in the company’s tone, study it’s tags, quotes etc and use it if possible in the letter.
  • Writing to a big company needs an authoritative context, it may be a TV social company which needs a little humor, no matter the spice you want to sprinkle on this Cover Letter, try your very best to be polite, I mean very very polite.


State How You Came Across The Job Opening

You need to make this individuals(Your Employer) Know where you found the job opening. During your research you must have found out a thing or two about the company, nothing beats a situation where you know someone who works in the company on a  personal basis, if you are sure about the person’s attitude at work and the picture he’/her has there it will be cool you name drop him/her a little. Nevertheless, make sure you briefly state where you found the job opening. In a case where you are acting on your intuition that a job opening is forthcoming you can just say you are writing in hopes that they are hiring, or that they will be hiring soon.

Give The Company A Reason To Employ You

The purpose of this(every) company is to succeed, so yeah! The company will love to know what you will be bringing to the table, the company will want to know the benefits they’ll get if you are employed to work for them and DON’T fail to state this POLITELY. This can be done by adding any of the following.

  • You should know your accomplishment by hand already, adding one of two of them will send a message to the company.
  • If the job title has to do with For Instance, ‘management’ in your Cover Letter you should state one or two accounts you proved your management skills(You Digg?)
  • Using stats can do a major boast to your Cover Letter, will you boast sells? Will you cut down lost? You grab?
Let The Company Know You Well

We need to get the manager know who he is employing, on our Application letter we can do this by telling him a thing or two about you. You let the company know your strength, you let the company know your qualifications and experiences. This tip is applied in your second paragraph, direct your HR to where he can find the rest of this qualities after listing a few on your Cover Letter.

  • Don’t fail to mention INDIRECTLY one of your qualities that will be able to solve a task this job needs, for example for a job of manager, you could say ‘I have the talent of controlling resources’ You could disclose this talent in a very short story form like ‘My friends always put me in charge of…’. You may wonder why this point comes in, note that one way of getting this job is by enticing your HR, by catching his attention etc.
  • Paint a picture of yourself smartly. Let it be as if the HR has met you already, do this politely and briefly avoid over exaggerating any character no matter how good.
  • Above all, keep it short and concise.


Section 3: Steps On How To Write An Application Letter(Rounding Up Your Cover Letter)

We are almost at the end, time to round up this awesome letter of yours.

Make Him/Her Want To Reach Back To You

Here, you give your HR a shove, a spark a little push to want to reach back. At this point the ‘I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience’ comes in. I have always preached being polite and humble not desperate. Every one is attracted to confidence, show some confidence here by saying ‘I look forward to speaking further’, don’t go with the ‘If you dim me fit…’ NO NO NO, No ‘IF’ statement is allowed here.

Time For The Goodbye

You can’t end the Application letter abruptly, to close your Cover letter you give a cordial goodbye without sounding to informal. a simple ‘Yours Sincerely’,  ‘Best’, ‘Best Wishes’, ‘Yours Faithfully’ will do the trick.

Your Name Comes Last

When you Write An Application Letter, You are too write your name underneath. After you sign off, write your full name on the last line, and consider including a signature. It’s not always compulsory to include your signature, but adding one is also cool.

A perfect Application Letter Format

(Your contact information )

                                                                                                                                               (Employer’s contacts information )

Dear Sir/Madam, (salutation)

Re: Application for the Sales Manager job

  Paragraph 1

  Paragraph 2

Paragraph 3

Paragraph 4(Not really advisable)

Yours Sincerely,


Full Name

Watch Video on how to write an application letter here



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