How To Write A Formal Letter The Best Way

An example of a formal letter

How To Write A Formal Letter: Writing a letter is a skill that is needed in society today, and I am going to do my best to equip you with this skill. Your letter could get you far or drop you near, the can shape others’ perceptions of you and decide if that which you ask should be given.

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A little wiki on Formal letters

According to Wikipedia, a Formal letter sometimes called a Business letter is usually a letter from one company to another, or between such organizations and their customers, clients and other external parties. The overall style of the letter depends on the relationship between the parties concerned.

How To Write A Formal Letter

Step 1: Writing the address

  • On the top of the right-hand side(Or left-hand side) of the page, you write the sender’s address and telephone number. In a case where you are writing on behalf of a company, you write the company’s address if it’s your letter you write yours.
  • Write your street address on the next line, of course right below the one above
  • You now write your city, state, and zip code on the line below that.

How To Write A Formal Letter The Best Way

Step 2: Date

  • Write the date directly below the sender’s address.
    • Don’t joke with the date, it is really important. Dating a letter shows urgency and could be used for legal reasons.
  • Place a comma between the month and the year.
    • The date should be written in this format 3rd June 2019(Never abbreviate in a formal letter)

Step 3: Addressing The Receiver; Name, title, etc

  • At this juncture, the recipient’s name comes in. It should be written one line between the Date(On a keyboard; two hard return) i.e Mr. Samuel, Dr. Yemi, Miss Aisha e.t.c(Optional, You might not know the person’s name so go to the next line)
  • Below the receiver’s name comes his/her job title. e.g General Manager etc
  • Next, you write the company’s name.
  • Followed by the Company’s address
  • You now write the receiver’s city, state and Zip Code.

Note: If after making research and you can’t get the woman’s preference, i.e you have no idea of she is a Mrs, Miss or Dr. you may use ‘Ms’

Step 4: Subject  Of The Letter

  • Skip a line then write the topic/subject or reason for the letter
    • It should be written in all caps.
    • It should be in one full line.

Step 5: Greeting Time

  • At this point the ‘Dear’ comes in, Dear Sir/Ma is typically advised, but if you know the person’s name, Dear ‘Name’ will suffice.

Step 6: Let’s Write This Letter

  • Letter time, the body of the letter is what I mean, here you write the letter itself. It is STRONGLY advised that you write no more than three paragraphs.
    • Paragraph 1: A friendly and professional opening, Cut to the chase, state your reason or goal for the letter.
    • Paragraph 2: You should use REAL examples to further explain your point.
    • Paragraph 3: Briefly summarize the purpose of the letter and suggest how you want to proceed.
  • The fact that you are trying to fit everything into three paragraphs doesn’t mean you should make the paragraphs very large.

Step 7: How To End A Formal Letter(Salutation And Closing)

  • At this point, you make the salutation; Salutations that are recommended are “Yours sincerely,” “Sincerely,” and “Best,”.
    • Use Yours Faithfully; If you do not know the name of the person, end the letter this way.
    • Use Yours Sincerely; If you know the name of the person, end the letter this way
  • You now sign below the salutation.
  • Sign your name, then print it underneath the signature. If you think the person you are writing to might not know whether you are male or female, put your title in brackets after your name.

Step 8: Enclosure/Attachment(Optional)

When you write a formal letter, you may need to attach a document to the letter, this is when this comes in.

  • If you have an attachment, it may be a CV, a Brochure anything entirely, you write ” Enclosure: Attachment Name e.g Enclosure: CV.
    • It’s advisable that you intimate the person about the attachment in paragraph 3. e.g “Find attached my…”

Writing a formal letter is a skill that may come in handy anytime, I hope I was able to help.

Now you’ve Learnt How To Write A Formal Letter



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