How to Withdraw Your Fiverr Funds From Any Country The Awesome Way

How to Withdraw Your Fiverr Funds: Good day, hope you are doing great? In this post, I’ll be helping our freelancers in the house. This topic will be teaching you how to withdraw funds from Fiverr, irrespective of the country you are in.

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I don’t know about you, but “Short quiet walk to the ATM, is super cool”. In this case, the joy you receive from the very first Fiverr earning is a mood on its own.

After such withdrawal, a kind of push and zeal comes that makes you want to work more so you’ll earn more; For the records, people make massive money from Fiverr you too can do that.

What Is Fiverr’s Payout

Before you Withdraw Your Fiverr Funds and In order not to waste your time, though knowledge is a waste, you should first know a thing or two about Fiverr’s payout.

After you complete your Fiverr job or gig, there’s a mandatory waiting time. During this time, any form of dispute that may arise is tackled. I mean disputes between you, the seller, and whoever is your buyer. The mandatory wait days differ.

Top sellers are given 7 days waiting period, you definitely are not a top seller 😉NOT YET, cause Top Sellers are those who have withdrawn over $500k yeah! 6 figures.

Sellers below the Top are given a compulsory 14 days to wait.

What Are The Different Withdrawal Method With Fiverr

Fiverr gives its sellers four different methods to carry out withdrawals, they include;

1. Fiverr Revenue Card

In the Fiverr revenue Card, you are ordered to make a static fee of $1 irrespective of how much you choose to withdraw, and usually, funds are to arrive your desired location in 2 working days(Mon – Friday)

If you are in a haste and require that your funds be paid in, in 2 hours, Fiverr will collect $3 from you no matter the withdrawal amount you desire. Fiverr revenue card has a minimum of $5; that

is, the minimum amount you can withdraw at a time with the card is $5. For sellers who have a Payoneer Master Card, your Master Card is your Fiverr Revenue Card.

2. Paypal

If you wish to cash out from your Fiverr account with your Paypal, Fiverr will charge you 2% of the amount you want to withdraw.

Paypal’s minimum withdrawal amount is $1, and yeah! 2% will be charged from this $1.

3. Bank Transfer

When you wish to withdraw from your Fiverr straight to your Bank account, you attract a mandatory static fee of $3. This $3 is static therefore no matter the amount you are cashing out, $3 is what will be given back to

Fiverr. The minimum withdrawal using Bank Transfer is $20(wow)

4. Direct Bank Deposit:

Ooh, la la! This is the best. The above three method works mainly for those in the United States Of America 🙄. Unless the pay pal has fewer restrictions in your country, this method is the one I recommend.

Withdrawing Funds using the Direct Bank Deposit attracts a static fee of $1, not minding the amount you wish to cash out. The minimum amount that could be withdrawn with DBD is $10.

Withdraw Your Fiverr Funds Using Payoneer 

Like I said earlier, US Citizens can withdraw with this method perfectly well, and so can anybody who isn’t a citizen.

Reasons I Recommend Payoneer

1. Payoneer is accessible in every part of the world.
2. Payoneer is Fiverr’s partner company.
3. Registering with Payoneer is almost equivalent to having a United States Bank account.
4. Payoneer gives you $25 when you make a deposit from $100 and above.

How To Withdraw Your Fiverr Funds Using Payoneer

Payoneer has two methods of Withdrawing your Fiverr funds.
1. Using Payoneer Direct Bank Deposit.
2. Converting Payoneer Master Card To Fiverr Revenue Card.

It is difficult to trust me.

Withdrawing With Payoneer Using Direct Bank Deposit

Step 1: Create A Payoneer Account( Refer To This Link To learn how to create a Payoneer account) you need a Payoneer account in the both methods to be able to Withdraw Your Fiverr Funds

Step 2: Login to your Fiverr seller’s account.

Step 3: Select “Selling,” then navigate to “Earnings,” then click.

Step 4: Choose “Bank Transfer” as your withdrawal method.

How to Withdraw Your Fiverr Funds From Any Country The Awesome Way: Choosing Bank Transfer on Fiverr
Source: naijahomebase

Step 5: Verify your phone number.
Adding your withdrawal method is a very sensitive task, so Fiverr will need to verify to make sure you are the legit owner of the Fiverr account.

Fiverr sends a verification code to the phone number you used to verify your Fiverr account. Enter this verification code then click the ‘Submit Code.’

How to Withdraw Your Fiverr Funds From Any Country The Awesome Way: Verifying your Fiverr phone number
Source: naijahomebase

Step 6: Go to your email, Fiverr will/have sent an email there requesting you verify or confirm your account’s linking. The email in question is the email you used in creating your Fiverr account.

How to Withdraw Your Fiverr Funds From Any Country The Awesome Way: Verification semt to your Fiverr email
Source: naijahomebase

Click on the link in your email, which will then send you to your browser. Fiverr is currently tracking you to make sure you are the one,

so you should open this link in the same browser(not tab) you are using to access your Fiverr and PAYONEER account.

Step 7: Open your Payoneer account. The link from the email sends you to your Payoneer login page, so your login.

Step 8: A confirmation pop up message should show, open it then confirm the linking.
After both account links, a confirmation email is sent to your mailbox, intimating you of the development.

Step 9: Cash out time! Go back to Selling->Earning on your Fiverr account then proceed to Withdraw Your Fiverr Funds, your hard-earned cash.

Converting Payoneer Master Card To Fiverr Revenue Card in order to Withdraw Your Fiverr Funds

Before I proceed, please note that you can’t use this method alongside the method above, it’s one or the other.

To Convert our Payoneer card to Fiver Revenue Card, we will need Payoneer Mastercard. Payoneer master card is like every other master card, and it can be used on any ATM service in the world. (Payoneer and Fiverr are partners).

Thou the Payoneer master card is free, it is required that you have a minimum of $30 in your Payoneer account before your card is processed.

If you are in a haste, the above method will do just fine for you. If you request for Payoneer card, it will take about one week for the

card to be processed and sent to you; it depends on your location also. Payoneer Mastercard is super powerful, trust me 😉.

Step 1: Log in to your Fiverr account, then go to “Selling,” then choose “Earning,” click on “Fiver Revenue Card” as your preferred withdrawal method.

How to Withdraw Your Fiverr Funds From Any Country The Awesome Way
Source: naijahomebase

A pop up will appear directing you to check your email for further instructions on how to add your Payoneer card(which will be your Fiverr Revenue Card)

Step 2: Go to your email box(The one you registered Fiverr with) open the email that contains the “Confirm Fiverr… ”

Confirm your payoneer card for fiver withdraw
Source: naijahomebase

When you click this link, you are redirected to your browser, which opens the Payoneer login page. Login to confirm the linking process.

Step 3: If at the time of this request you already have a Payoneer MasterCard, at the right-hand side of your page, you’ll be prompted to click a link to connect your Fiverr account.

Payoneer confirmation message
Source: naijahomebase

A confirmation email will be sent to you. To withdrawal your cash, go to your Fiverr account under “Selling” click on “Earning,” then go ahead Withdraw Your Fiverr Funds. I mean your hard-earned money 😉.

You’ve learned How to Withdraw Your Fiverr Funds From Any Country, how about you learn some cool online marketing tips


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