How To Use The Spotify Web Player

How to use the Spotify Web Player 2019

How to use the Spotify Web Player: Music is life, I speak music very well.

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This HowTo9ja DIY teaches you how to use the Spotify premium app.

What is Spotify?

Spotify basically is a music app. It allows us with a library of music, videos and more. If you are a music lover then Spotify should be number one in your list.

Well, it is the most used app all over the world. This is because it has amazing features than any other music app. Like you can listen to a verity of songs.

All you have to just sign in with Facebook or Gmail. If you connect with Facebook it’ll be easy for you to connect with your friends in Spotify also.

As in this app, users can also check the playlist of their friends and others. And can listen to the new songs of their friends choice. Even users can share music with others.

And also you can use one Spotify in multiple devices. When we talk about the drawback of the Spotify app. It is only that it disturbed us with annoying ads. Although it’s the best music app all over the world.

Spotify premium:

When we talk about premium apps we all know they are famous for wished features. As like that Spotify allows us with unlimited features and all you can enjoy by the subscription. In other words,

users have to pay some amount for this premium app. And can use the premium version in many devices. Once you take the subscription, after that you’ll enjoy unlimited features of your wish.

Well, the best thing about this premium version is that it is ad-free. Now, you’ll not get distracted by those annoying ads. Because this premium app blocks the ads.

Getting started with listening to music on Spotify is easy. Firstly, talk about the basic of this app. As for how you use this app. And after that, we’ll talk about the more amazing things about this app

Step 1: Download the Spotify app; You can go for the Spotify website

Even you can download the application from the app store. It’s up to you which you like to use.

How to use the Spotify Web Player 2019


Step 2: Sign in to Spotify; After you visit the Spotify now click on the signing in option. If you are a new user then

connect with your Facebook, Gmail or more. If you have already account then sign in with that.


How to use the Spotify Web Player 2019

Step 3: If you’ll connect with Facebook it becomes easier for you to connect with your friends and more known people. As Facebook suggests you to your friends

for Spotify. Even you can watch your friend playlist. So it’ll become easy for you to get different music.

Also, Spotify web player provides you with a premium version. That requires the subscription in the account. In other words, users have to pay for more features.

The best thing about this pro version is that it allows us with unlimited features. Like you can use one Spotify in multiple devices.


How to use the Spotify Web Player 2019

Users can install the free application of Spotify which is more easier to use. Also, it is available in all the devices.

After that, you can sign in many devices and can enjoy the music anytime anywhere.


As a result, Spotify is known to be the best app where you can find a huge library of music. Also, you can share music with your friends and others.

Even you can listen to your friends playlist. The best thing is that it is a far better app then any other music app. So download and enjoy!

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