How To Track Western Union Money Online
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How to Track Western Union Money Transfer without MTCN


How to Track Western Union Money Transfer without MTCNYou know you can also track your western union money without your MTCN, in cases where you’ve misplaced the number or you cant retrieve it, don’t panic bro, the cash has not disappeared

What Is This Western Union Self?

Western Union (WU) is an American financial service and communications company, that has been in the financial hub for 165 years and it a means through which customers can send money to up to 200 countries in 130 currencies with more than 550,000 agent locations and 150,000 ATMs. They boast of being the most reliable medium to send money globally at a faster rate. Now let’s look at how to track your western union transfer.

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How to Track Western Union Money Transfer without MTCN

To Track your Western Union Money without your MTC number all you have to do is follow the below steps:

1. When you get to the “Track a Transfer” menu, simply select “Don’t know the MTCN”. Another “Track a Transfer” menu will open up where you’ll have the option of choosing from two variants:

  • Tracking with a phone number or
  • Tracking with a name.

Each of these variants offers spaces where you can provide information as follows:

Variant #1: Tracking with a phone number

  • Sender`s phone number;
  • Receiver’s country;
  • Amount sent/received.

Variant #2: Tracking with a name

  • Sender’s first name
  • Sender’s last name
  • Recipient’s first name
  • Recipient’s last name
  • Recipient’s country
  • Amount sent/received.

Once the correct information is provided, the details of your transactions or payment will appear on your screen.

To obtain better results with both of the aforementioned variants, ensure that you enter the Date of Transfer in the indicated spaces at the bottom of the Track a Transfer page. If the option is not available for you, then click on the + sign close to the add transfer date option provided.

Western Union also makes it clear that the following cannot be tracked on the page:

  • Money orders,
  • Prepaid cards,
  • Gift cards and
  • Online FX payments.

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