How To Throw Up(vomit) With This 7 Best Tips

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How To Throw Up: For reasons best known to you, you want to throw up, now this is the thing about vomiting, as unpleasant as the sight may be, vomiting in fact helps, when you vomit you empty your

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stomach of harmful stuffs, thou it’s advisable that you shouldn’t make yourself throw up unless recommended by the doctor, well guess you have your reasons, lets rock and roll.

Learn a thing or two about vomit on Wikipedia.

Different Ways On How To Throw Up 

The main thing about getting yourself to throw up is the gag, and the are just so many reasons for you to go about this ordeal.

1. Forcing A Vomit With Your Fingers

Using your fingers to force a vomit is the most common way we all know, in this pattern all it entails is you inserting your finger into your throat, then when the gagging starts

happening you take the finger out and let it flow!! and I must say, people find this pattern not so pleasant.

Note this when you are using your finger for this

  • Make sure you wash your finger before inserting them into your throat.
  • Try kneeling down and throwing up as it doesn’t stress upon your abdominal area.
  • Once you feel nausea, immediately remove your fingers and try again.
  • Wash your hands once you are done with vomiting.
  • Most importantly, cut your nails to avoid scratching your throat.
How To Throw Up by dipping your fingers in your mouth
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2. Watching Someone Vomit Or Perceiving Vomit 

Now, this is one tricky part of this ‘vomiting’ stuff, just the mere sight of someone vomiting or perceiving vomit can get you to vomit, whenever we see someone vomit, a kind of sensation builds in our stomach that tigers us to throw up also.

You don’t have to wait till someone vomits in front of you, just browse for videos.

 3. Unpleasant And Irritating Sights

You can easily vomit from watching or coming in contact with what your body understand as ‘irritating’, so if you want to vomit(throw up) all you have to do is locate an irritating sight.

4. Overeating

Overeating can also result in throwing up, when you overeat, it causes overextending of the stomach and thus your body forces that extra food to come out of our body and thus triggers vomiting.

But here we have to keep in mind that while eating we don’t have to consume junk foods otherwise we will suffer from indigestion and stomach ache. That is why we recommend you to have healthy foods such as green vegetables, and fruits.


You can also use soft drinks to throw up, I’ll be focusing on Coca-Cola for this, the fizz in coca-cola is useful in gastronomical problems. You have to drink it simultaneously with water, and thereby giving you a discomfort feeling in your stomach and allowing you to throw up.

6. Irritating Thoughts

You could also think your way to throwing up, all you have to do here is picture someone vomiting and the job is done.


Taking Salt Solution(Salt and water) can help take down poisonous substances so you’ll be able to throw up, this is one of the oldest method of vomiting.

Here are some simple steps to consider while sipping in salt water:

  • Warm a glass of water. Do not overheat the water as you have to drink it in one go.
  • Add four tablespoons of salt to the water and stir it until it gets entirely dissolved.
  • Now, drink the entire glass of water in one go.
  • After you finish drinking the salt water, drink at least 4 to 5 glasses of plain water.

Once you are done with these steps, you will feel a vomiting sensation as the excessive sodium chloride present in our stomach triggers vomiting. This is perhaps one of the excellent homemade emetics that requires about 20-30 minutes to work.

Hope I was able to help you? And wish you wellness.

You’ve learnt How to throw up, now learn how to stop yourself from throwing up.

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