How To Take Screenshots and Reboot iPad In Clear 4 Steps

How To Take Screenshots and Reboot iPad: On this tutorial, On this tutorial,
I’ll be showing you how to take screenshots on your iPad and also how to restart it.

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iPad has been the same for a good number of years, before, they use to be a home button on all iPad devices there’s no home button on the new iPad pro so the way you do it is a little bit different but still quite easy

Taking Screenshot With Your iPad

Step 1: Let’s Assume you are holding it straight, now you Navigate to the app or section you want to screenshot.

How To Take Screenshots and Reboot iPad

Step 2: Make sure it fits into the screen.

Step 3: if you’re holding your iPad straight up in portrait orientation it’s going to be on the top right hand corner of the
device you’re going to press volume up and the lock button at the same time.

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Step 4: You’ll see screen flicker immediately you do get that screenshot taken,
this is gonna work everywhere around your iPad exactly the same way you can screenshot anywhere on your iPhone.

On the new iPad pro you have to use the volume up button rather than the home
button because there isn’t a home button here alright so that is how you screen shot on the new iPad pro

How To Reboot iPad Pro

How do you reboot this device? Every once in a while, I’ve experienced this a ton with Apple products, they stopped working right you see some weird
visual glitches things disappear it’s super annoying and a lot of the time a quick reboot will actually fix every of those annoying small issues.

Step 1: So what you want to do is press once on the volume up button once on the volume
down button and then continue to press and hold the lock button until the screen goes black and you see the Apple logo.

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Step 2: You take your hands off.

Step 3: Then again you press the lock button, it takes about ten seconds sometimes a little bit shorter, sometimes a little bit longer,
but ten seconds is usually the sweet spot for me. You are to keep holding this button until the Apple logo comes back up as soon as you see the Apple logo you are good to go.

Note: it might look like you’ve done something wrong because the screen
will go completely black at one point you are to keep holding the lock
button until the iPad it turns back on but the a 12 X processor inside of
the new iPad pro is crazy fast so you should get back to work in no time that was a super quick

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