How To Start A Blog

How To Start A Blog: Hey!! Hope you are Good, cause it appears I am, so Let me guess, you have friends who blog and maybe are earning from it and you’ll love to shift your hustle that way

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or you have this passion for blogging and you’ve been wanting to launch your own blog right? Well, I’ll do my very best to explain how you can go about this ordeal.

Test Your Patience: 3 years in blogging{As at writing this article} has thought me that blogging needs a very huge amount of patience, like real patience, if blogging was the easiest method to earning, everyone would have done it

anyways it also depends on the resources you are willing to commit into blogging, I’m writing this article for my nearest locality, which happens to be Nigeria, don’t get me wrong, you can apply everything I’ll teach here in your own country

all you’ll need to do is browse a little bit extensively.

Now, back to the Patience talk, it took me a year before I could earn from my first blog, trust me I entered a very very very very very competitive area or niche, well not to discourage you even one bit, as I did it you can also, I don’t have two heads{Lol}

How To Start A Blog For Free

Back to the koko!! Starting a blog needs patience like I said, and how I usually advise my friends is that, to avoid comitting much cash and energy into blogging then quit along the way, I suggest you start blogging with

free domains, now how this works is this, this free domains always make your url a little bit ugly, but trust me it’s worth it, have you ever come across domains or url that look like ‘‘ ? example ‘’

In fact my very first blog was ‘’ then etc etc, well the advantage about this pattern is that, you spend almost no cash off course except your data

but, the disadvantage is that, you own like 50% of the domain, i.e whoever you are hosting this domain with can actually kick you out anyday, run adverts on your site or even if they let you run adverts on it, the percentage they’ll get will be large,

the whole aim about this talk is, I want you to be really sure blogging is what you want to do, if you want to test your patience you should checkout sites like

  1. (Domains will look like ‘
  2. Blogger or Blogspot  (Domains will look like
  3. Tumblr (
  4. Wix
  5. Medium
  6. Squarespace
  7. Joomla
  8. Ghost
  9. Weebly

Personally I’ll recommend the first three, most especially number one, click any of the links to start the set up.

How To Start A Blog(Premium)

Now, don’t let this PREMIUM talk scare you, it’s not so expensive, with nothing more than N12,000($30) You can get your site up and running, lets proceed.

Now, I’ll give you the basics, this isn’t a full scale ‘Blogging site’ it’s a ‘How To’ site, but with the little I’ll teach you, you should be able to run a successful blog, and off course you can drop a comment which I’ll definitely reply.

A brief rundown of all you’ll do on this your blogging escapade.

  1. What you really want to blog about (Niche)
  2. Pick a unique blog name
  3. Buy Your Domain
  4. Buy Your Host
  5. Choose A Blogging Platform
  6. Set Up The Blog
  7. Start Blogging

Yeah! It’s as simple as that.


What you really want to blog about

This the one I’ll call the background work, now this is the point that Mr Benneth will really decide what he wants to blog about, do you want to write a porn blog, a fun blog, a food blog, a car blog, a whatever blog. This point you need to sit down and decide what your PASSIONATE ABOUT, remember

I used the word passion, I really like emphasizing on Passion, cause that’s what you really need even if your purpose of blogging is for money, now its as simple as, this you are going to ask yourself some questions like

  • What Do I want To Blog About?
  • Are People Interested In This Topic?
  • Can I Earn From This Topic?
  • Do I really want to do this?

Firstly What Do I want To Blog About?: you ask yourself if you want to blog about this etc etc, I hope question one is self explanatory?

Secondly, Are People Interested In This Topic? The sole result of blogging is getting visitors to your site because without having visitors, the blog might be waste of time, unless you want it to be a really personal blog, so you should make research most especially in your locality, you can use tools like your newspaper, your radio stations,

your magazines, from friends and KEY WORD RESEARCH(MAKE SURE YOU BROWSE ABOUT THIS ONE, but in a nut shell, keyword research is carrying out a project to know if what you want to blog about is a hot search most especially on google), You get right?

Thirdly, Can I Earn From This Topic?: See, at some point during your blogging career, you’ll want to chop small from the blog, and boy o boy, you need to also find out if people search and place adverts on this topic, lets not talk about Google Adsense(AND ALTERNATIVE(Browse about this) Yet

So here, you need to be sure if people will love to place adverts on this topic you want to blog about, etc etc No One wants to place adverts on a blog that teaches people how to ‘Aunno’lol.

Lastly, Do I really want to do this?: I don’t need to explain this part na?

Pick a unique blog name

Here, it has to do with you choosing a unique blog name, listen attentively I SAID UNIQUE, now there’s this pattern people use of naming their blog in an almost similar name to other TOP BLOGS, thou this trick seems to work, but it’ll one day backfire trust me, well how you go about this are

  • Create your unique name
  • Find out if it is really unique

Now, you get a pen and a paper and create a unique name or domain name for your blog, now how this unique name will appear is this ‘,,,, etc etc now I advise you to keep it short, and easy to recall (Open another tap and browse ‘How to pick a good domain name)

Find Out If It Is Really Unique, statistics has it that a day, over 2k blogs are created!!! thats a huge number brother/sister, so you better go in search to know if your domain is as unique as your head makes you believe, how you do this is by going to google then typing the name without the domain

extension example you search ‘doggy or crappy, or snake’ don’t add, etc etc. or better still the next option will help a little.

Buy Your Domain

Now, this involves buying the domain from a domain provider, thou the are places you can get free domains, but I will strongly advise you not to try that, now you should consider this before you choose a company to buy your domain from.

  • Pricing
  • Mode of payment
  • Customer care service
  • Location Of Domain Providers

Pricing is self explanatory, here you pick a domain you want to use, search for a domain provider. For Nigerians I recommend Smartweb, their customer care is dope asf, and you can explain things to them, thou they may be expensive a little, but since its a nigerian something I’ll suggest

you use them and also if you want to buy a ‘.ng’ domain, smartweb is the real deal, but they are a host of others out there Trust me, we have the legendary NAMECHEAP which in fact does what it names says, their domains are cheap and you could browse for their ‘Cupon Codes’ online in other to get a discount.

the are many others out there, Godaddy, Hostgator etc etc I;ve used all thou!How To Start A Blog Hostgator domain buying page

Seen how cheap they are, In fact you might not spend up to 10k if you are smart enough.

Buy Your Host

You know one interesting thing about this part is, after buying the domain the domain host might want you to buy hosting from them, which you can not agree if you are not sure of their hosting tech, now it’s very possible for you to buy a domain from Company A and Host It On Company B

You should consider the below things when buying a domain host

  • Unlimited hosting (Bandwidth + Storage)
  • North American phone support
  • Bonus features
  • Enhanced malware protection
  • Secure site certification
  • Malware and spam protection
  • Free domain
  • Easy site builder
  • Online store and selling tools
  • Money back guarantee
  • Google tools for websites – including AdWords, sitemap, site search, etc.
  • Scalability – so you can customize your site
  • Dependability – your company should have a reputation built over several years for consistent service and staying power
  • Multiple servers to ensure that you and your site are protected
    Powered by Green energy (many companies are becoming more and more environmentally friendly and obtain most if not all of their power from wind and solar sources) – Source From ShoutMeLoud

Click the link above to read extensively.

Choose A Blogging Platform

Now, here you choose the platform you want to use, infact you should choose WORDPRESS.ORG listen I didn’t say WORDPRESS.COM Now, there is a difference between the two of them, now on most hosting platforms CPANEL

installations of is available there at the low, i.e down down A cpanel picture showing wordpress

I hope you can sight it under the SOFTACULOUS INSTALLER, so thats that about that.

Set Up The Blog

Now this option I’ll just be giving you topics for you to browse about, they are really broad, all you have to do is copy each number and paste on google and the are also links to sites that have written down this topics in its simplest form for you.

  1. How To Choose A Fast Free WP Theme(The theme I use here is Mh Magazine Theme which you can search for in wordpress free theme directory)
  2. How To Set Up Google Analytics And Integrate It To Your WP Blog (Click Here)
  3. How To Appear In Google And Bing (Here you are to browse extensively, but the hacks I’ll show you here is, Install any of this plugins, YOAST, ALL IN ONE SEO Install just one of them, they have a setup wizard and please and please, make sure you click this links ‘How to setup google search console ,

Still on setting up your blog, you should create social media profiles, Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc etc,

Start Blogging

Time to start blogging!!!!! You know what to do, just click the ‘Add Post’ at the left of your wordpress dashboard screen


Before you go, make sure you browse the below topics, they are really really broad

  1. How to optimize my site for seo
  2. How to autopost to my social media profiles
  3. How to earn from my blog
  4. How to grow my traffic
  5. How to stop spam on my blog
  6. How to optimize my blog post
  7. How to …….. how to everything mehn!

But with the little I have written there, you definitely can get your site up and running!!! kudos! Congrats.

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