How To Sell Online The Right Way; 8 Tips To Know Before Venturing

How To Market My Product Online

How To Sell Online: Hey! This is the 21st Century!! hope you know? and in this century and part of the solar system the internet is the talk of the day, like we can’t operate without the internet, infact

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what you are using to read this thing is the internet, so I’ll be taking us on some brief steps on how to using the internet especially social medias in advertising what we do.

With the internet you can go places without leaving your house, the favorite adage “The world is a global village” is owed to the internet in action.

Today you could reach an audience of all races no matter the location with the use of the internet, and yes people are making millions from this.

The whole secrete of this post is preaching the law of ‘Branding’. Selling online doesn’t have to be for products directly, you could sell your art(Music), you could sell yourself(Modelling) selling online just revolves around the world branding.

In Nigeria, an adage that goes is “Packaging na de key” I’ll explain it this where “You are addressed the way you dress”. Having an online presence in any business is a major boast I must say.

How To Sell Online; 8 Boxes To Tick

1. Create a social media account:

You my dear friend have to first leverage the power of social media, in fact social media is like the main thing the internet is all about. The major social media’s are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and you need an Email. You know people feel social media has created more disunity among people in the last 20 years than 100 years prior,  Well this social media something is a thing of choice and mindset, while others may be using it for posting and stuffs, you can use it to earn.

How To Sell Online; 8 Tips To Know Before Venturing.

2. Create a compelling brand slogan: 

This one so ehn, na over necessity the worry am, you need to have a logo that when someone sees it somewhere, they’ll say “Yeah!! That’s Gwen’s work” you grab?

3. Have a great customer service: 

What type of services are you planning to run? well I hope you know that as long as the SERVICE is to SERVE people, they’ll always be a want to drop a comment or a review, you really really need a means for your targeted customer to get back to you, Your social media plays a role here, your email also plays a role, if your firm is very big, the should be mobile services one can reach out to you through.{CUSTOMER IS KING}

4. Build your network:

Now, no matter the business/product  you are entering there’s a 80% possibility that you’ll meet a competition or in most cases competitions, now your aim here is to steal their customers! you heard me right, so you make a research about your competition , try to know how the run their stuffs and try to beat them to it, you should also try and gum body with them, if possible seek for mentions on their social media{WHICH IS HARD SHA}

5. In advertising be brief and concise: 

Look at you! You want to go.. Hold on we are not done, following point one to 4 wouldn’t do the magic, you still need to put your business in your targeted customers front, how you’ll do this is by advertising, on Facebook, twitter, Google adwords etc etc{Browse extensively here}

7. Define your target market:

This one is over important, you cant be selling books and opening your shop in a stadium?? You want Messi and Ronaldo to come and buy books and read? You need to know the humans you are targeting, “I am selling food a shop or stand in NSUKKA will make sense o” Because those guys like food ehn!!!{Who doesn’t?} So, the end game is to know your target market.

8. Be unique and professional: 

Last Last! Be very professional, no to the shine teeth, be business like and business oriented, No Family and friends in business!

HEY!!! This are just tips for How To Market My Product Online, take each topic most especially that advertising part and browse extensively!

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