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How To Screen Record With Your Mac | 3 Simple Steps (video)

How To Screen Record With Your Mac | 2 Easy Ways (video)

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How To Screen Record With Your Mac: Good day! I hope you are cool? Cause I am. On today’s topic, I’ll be teaching you how to screen record using your Apple Mac PC and the iMac.

This shouldn’t be much stress cause the program we will be using here is usually built-in in Mac computers, I’ll be showing you methods for recording on both your old mac and on the macOS Mojave.

How to screen record on a Mac(video)

How to screen record on a Mac(non-macOS Mojave users)

Step 1: Navigate to the screen or program you wish to record
Step 2: Move your mouse to the search bar on your screen; it is usually in the form of magnifying glass icon and it can be found at the top right-hand corner.
Step 3: We now have to type in ‘QuickTime Player’. QuickTime player is the program we will be working with.

How To Screen Record With Your Mac | 3 Simple Steps (video)
Source: TechRadar

Step 4: Hit the ENTER button. You can see in the left top corner QuickTime player.
Step 5: So right now all we need to do is click ‘file’ and then choose ‘new screen recording’

At this point, you can change the volume, you can also decide to use your systems built-in microphone or don’t use a microphone at all. To record fullscreen all you have to do is left click

To stop recording, click on the Stop Button on the toolbar. When you attempt to close it, QuickTime player will ask you if you want to save it when you select a location to save it.

How to screen record on a Mac(For macOS Mojave Users)

From the macOS Mojave onward, Apple has included a built-in shortcut on their Mac PCs that lets you start recording your screen.

Step 1: Press Shift + Cmd + 5 to open the onscreen menu which provides you with various recording options. From here you can decide to record the entire screen, a portion of your screen, or capture a still image of your whole screen, a window or a section of your screen. Press Esc to cancel making a recording before you want to.

Step 2: Press the fourth button from your right to record the entire screen. The moment you click this option, your pointer turns into a camera icon. If you look closely, you’ll notice a red button which indicates that recording is in progress.
When you are done recording, go ahead and click that button.

Step 3: Save a video to your desktop, or press Ctrl + Cmd + Esc. Mac saves screen recordings as MOV files(convert them before sending if your user can’t play MOV files. Mac saves your recording to your desktop

Learn how to take screenshots on Mac

I hope I was able to help you.

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