How To Prepare Zobo Juice

How To Prepare Zobo Juice

How To Prepare Zobo Juice: Zobo is one juice that has stood the test of time, not owned by a brand, no advertisment but it has saved a brothers life most especially in school

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So I’ll be teaching you how to prepare zobo here in Nigeria, well Zobo is not a drink that is drank in Nigeria alone, in fact Zobo de travel no visa, it’s known worldwide.

Meet the juice called Zobo

Zobo is prepared from the the dried  calyces (sepal)  of the hibiscus plant flower. Zobo leaves are also called; sorrel, flor de Jamaica and rosemallow. Although the drink is  known

by different names all over the world (Zobo, Hibiscus tea, bissap, wonjo), the flavor profile is very similar, the drink usually has a tangy flavor profile. {Source from 9jafoodie}

Some Facts About Zobo
  • Nutrition Facts: “100 g of hibiscus fruit contains 49 calories, 12.3 g of carbohydrates with 2.3 occurring as dietary fiber, 1.9 g of protein, 14 mg of vitamin C, 300 mg of beta carotene, 57 mg of phosphorus, 2.9 mg of iron and 1.7 mg of calcium”
  • Health Benefits: Zobo contains 15-30% organic acids, including citric acid, maleic acid, and tartaric acid. It also contains acidic polysaccharides and flavonoid glycosides, such as cyanidin and delphinine.

The tea is popular as a natural diuretic and is used traditionally as a mild medicine. Dieters and people with kidney problems often take it                     without

adding sugar for its beneficial properties and as a natural diuretic. A 2008 USDA study shows consuming hibiscus tea lowers blood pressure in a           group of prehypertensive and mildly hypertensive adults

Recipe/Ingredients for preparing Zobo
  • 1 cup dried Hibiscus Sepal ( Zobo Leaves)
  • 4 cups boiling water
  • Juice of one lemon
  • Sugar to taste
Now The Business of preparing Zobo Juice
  1. Set the leaves in a large bowl, cover with boiled water. Set aside for 2-4 hours (this will allow the drink to steep)
  2. Pour the drink through a sieve or strainer to separate the fluid from the leaves
  3. Add some ice, lemon juice and sugar to taste.  Combine.

A video for you to check out,

See, You can serve this drink Cold, Hot, Lukewarm etc etc, before you go and turn river niger inside your pot and say HowToNigeria sent you, this is where ingredient number five comes in, use your common sense and decide the

Amount of water to add, and also based on logistics you can also add different flavors to spice it all up, flavours like Pineapple, vanilla and berries.

And zobo can stain well well o, so if you want to enter the kitchen looking like an angel all dressed in white, just get your Hypo ready.



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