How To Prepare For A Date | 8 Killer Tips For Ladies

How To Prepare For A Date | 8 Killer Tips Foe Ladies

How To Prepare For A Date: Good day!! Hiya!!!! Being single is cool just like being in a relationship is also cool,

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going for dates is on a whole different game most especially if it’s the first date.

This post here will teach you how to get ready for a date as a girl or a lady, and it gives you the best tips to wear during the date.

You might say, what’s the need for a tutorial to go for a date, well if you are confident sure, but no knowledge is a waste.

How To Be Prepare For A Date As A Girl

I’ll do my very best here to suggest the major boxes you should tick in other to kill this date. You may be rusty at the moment,

haven’t been on dates in a while, don’t panic I got you! We are going to kill this date, we’ll make sure the dude is blown away

Without you coming off as fake. Trust me, if you try to force things, a real Gentleman will spot the fake attitude and that’s a real turn off.

My first advice here is… STAY REAL. First impression matters, he wants to be with the person he meets that first day

If you dress to impress, by a dress I mean character-wise and otherwise, you’ll have to maintain that facade forever

which isn’t good for health relationships(That’s if you want a healthy relationship)

This isn’t in any particular order, read it all before you start taking action.

1. For Christ sake use the shower

O yeah! You heard me right, I’ve been with women a lot(Gfs, Mums, Sis, Cousins, friends, etc) and I know how long they spend in the bathroom 😉,

so this option shouldn’t be overemphasized cause by default the bathroom is your housing zone. Nevertheless,

I really advise that you take a proper shower, I mean the hair conditioner, facial cleanser, shaving cream(YEAH! SHAVE) body wash shower. To effectively prepare for a date, showering is paramount.


2. Its Hair Time

Damn!! Get a mirror and check out your hair, is it okay with you? If it is, leave here if it isn’t you know where I am

driving to, heck yeah! Hit the salon. When at the salon, if you aren’t so sure of what you want

You could seek suggestions from your stylist, and don’t kill yourself here if you can’t afford the hair don’t do it. It’s a date, not a business opportunity(unless it is 🙄)


3. Are You Proud Of Dem Nails?

Sweet sister, look at your nails, are they presentable? Trust me he’s gonna notice your nails. Get a professional manicure and pedicure to arrange your nails.

If you can afford it again, if you can’t trim the nails properly, clean them of dirt and make them presentable. If you don’t fancy painting them it’s still okay.


4. The Eye Is The Window Of Your Body

Often but not, people tend to look at your eye very often on dates and even in your daily socialization, you’ve got issues on your eyebrows and eyelashes one is going to notice.

Get an eye gel or eyeliner, brush them and trim them if need be. (You are a lady, you know how to kill this, I know you will kill this. Make sure you kill this 😉)


5. Let The Ear Shine

If you are one who wears earring choose the best ones, if you have always wanted to pierce your ears

then this is the time. Speaking on earrings, red is cool, good quality hoops will make that night exquisite also.


6. No Body Loves A Bad Breath

This topic spells it all out, brush brushes your cute teeth and use mouthwash. Mints and gum is something to have handy. Mints will come in play when you about going out and after eating.


7. Its Scent Time

Looking hot is one thing, smelling nice is another, he might have the scenting power of a dog(You don’t know that) so it

will be of good to you if you attend to your scent. You are confident you have no smell, well! Just get a spray or perfume.

Spray your body after showering, spray your armpit with the perfume(MAKE SURE IT DOESN’T LEAVE ANY STAIN ON YOUR DRESS), spray your hair, spray your neck and wrist. This is effective when you prepare for a date.

8. The lips!

The first date might resolve in a kiss, guess you know how intimate you guys are or how much you fancy a first date kiss, prepare for this,

How To Prepare For A Date | 8 Killer Tips For Ladies; A kissable lips
Source: SkinBe

apply lipstick a moderate amount. I have always known red lipstick to be the ideal one for date nights. Your call thou!


This is a few steps to consider a few boxes to tick when you want to go on a date, I hope you kill it.

The whole thing here is being presentable without overstressing or overdressing or over anything.

You are beautiful to remember that, if this date doesn’t go the way you want it to, you move but to be on the safe side, make sure you are at your best that day.

Thanks for reading.

You’ve learnt how to prepare for a date, now learn How To Kiss Perfectly  Who knows, it might come in handy. 😉


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