How To Not Cry

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How To Not Cry: Before I proceed, let me use this moment to apologize for any reason that brought you to this post, and let me also let you know, CRYING is a very normal thing, that outburst matters, but also that outbursts could be very embarrassing and may show weakness to some individuals

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and you want to avoid that shit? Well I’ll help you with that. A research conducted by somewhere in Brooklyn reports that 41% of women when asked said they’ll cry anywhere if need be, and just 9% men concurred to this.

Crying may seem like a gender thing, but trust me, even as a guy  the are points in life you’ll want to break down but……

Tips On How Not To Cry

So, lets get down to business, I’ll give you some tips that can help you in handling those tears. Before I proceed, let me inform you that

Your Tears are to to precious, I mean your tears are just to to precious, and not every shit deserves to see them drop… Hey Bro/Sis put those expensive tears in, is this situation rich enough to afford them?

Make Fun Of The Situation:  Weird right?? Well it is what it is, some situations that might want to make you cry could be converted from a sorrowful experience to a comedy, at some points when I mess us and get my ass into trouble, what I do is try to see the humor in the situation, I either laugh at myself, call myself foolish and move on, I remind myself that “Another experience in the bag.” Please Note that this tip can’t be applied in all situations.

Step Back(Literally): I mean this, whenever you get into a situation that might trigger your teary gland, note that it’s time for you to take a step backwards and access the situation, you know when you step back a little, you’ll have a bird view of the whole situation, that point you might realize that crying isn’t really worth it.

Tilt Your Head Backwards: Other steps don’t seem to be working right? Trust me I’ve been there, another trick in the can is You tilt your head backwards and look up, When you do this, the tears will pool at the base of your eyelid, giving you a couple seconds where  they won’t immediately stream down your face. Now, you try to shift your attention from this issue.

Inflict Pain(Reasonable): Hold On!! Yeah adding pain to the whole situation could save you from crying, it’s absurd right, now this trick works for the ‘Emotional’ outburst, like the tears that comes from your emotions, it doesn’t work if you are going through pain. When you inflict a LITTLE pain on yourself you distract yourself a bit. Possible things you can do here include:

  • Pinch Your NosePinching your nose to avoid tears
  • Pinch the skin between your thumb and pointer fingerPinching your thumb to avoid tears
  • Do some exercise
Blink The Tears Away: Another trick to consider is this, when the tears try to burst out, you can blink them away, continuous blinking can help keep the tears inside.

Take A Deep Breath:  Pause! Breath in ‘hold’ Breath out… lets go again, Breath in ‘Hold’ Breath out.. do this 4 more times. The more you Breath in and Breath out you relax your muscles, when the are relaxed you have time to think things through.

Breath in breath out to stop you from crying

Distract Yourself: Distracting yourself is one of the coolest things you can do here, think of something funny, chat up a crazy friend, watch a movie, go through your social media feed. All I am saying here is avoid what got you into this situation by all means.

Think Of The Worst Case Scenario: Fine Fine Fine, the tears have made their way out right? Now this is an option for you to move the F* on,  I use this trick Tip well, I create the worse case scenario in my head then step in to any situation, in Lil Wayne’s words

“Prepared for the worst, but still praying for the best” – Lil Wayne(John – ft Rick Ross)

For the records I am a strong Wayniac(*wink), so I picture the worst situation, shrug and move in and out.

How About Not Just Giving A Fuck?: You know, sometime the subtle act of not giving a Fck can go a long way, Is this situation really worth your tears, does this bully(might be a situation or a person) worthy to see those precious tears of yours? How about we don’t give it a Fck and move on?? Think about this.

LET IT OUT:If every step here doesn’t work out for you, trust me it’s time you let them out. Let the tears flow, crying a little might be the only remedy out of this situation.


In summary, tears is a natural phenomenon, in fact that emotional outburst is a prove that you are human and can FEEL, and ‘feeling’ is a necessity. Letting the tears out is good, but to much of everything is not good. And note, your tears is an expensive substance.


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