How To Make Jollof Rice

A picture showing an already made Nigerian Jollof rice by HowTo9ja

Updated In 2019: How To Make Jollof Rice: I am already salivating, I mean I haven’t started talking about the rice already and I am…… Well and well, good day, I hope you are doing great? cause based on this topic

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I really am, so before we go into the ‘Cooking Jollof Rice’ process, lets talk about the major types of Jollof Rice we have out there, One we have the Senegalese Jollof rice which is in fact the Ancestor of Jollof Rice

We also have the Ghanian Jollof Rice, off course its peculiar to the Ghanians… annnnnd!! we have the one and only Nigerian Jollof rice, see I am based in Nigeria so you know how our foods excite us(Much respect to senegal and Ghana btw)

and, please be aware that Senegal and Ghana Jollof Rice are unique in their own way, we are here for the so called Nigerian Jollof Rice.

NOTE! I am teaching you how to prepare a very simple Nigerian Jollof rice, not PARTY JOLLOF RICE, you dig??

How To Make Jollof Rice’s Video

See, I am going to be real with you here, I’ll not start mentioning big name ingredients, I’ll be teaching you how to prepare a basic SWEEET!! Jollof rice, so all those fancy name ingredients wouldn’t be coming here

Thou if you insist, you can go ahead and add them lets rock and roll

Ingredients For Making Nigerian Jollof Rice
  1. Rice(Preferable the clean one, the one Nigerians call Uncle Benz all I am saying is get rice wink*)
  2. Water
  3. Maggi(Star maggi preferable)
  4. Pepper(powdery)
  5. Salt
  6. Onion
  7. Garlic(Not a must)
  8. Groundnut Oil
  9. Tomatoes( 2 Sachets)
  10. Chicken, Fish, Beef, Stock Fish, (All this ones are basic, its up to what your pocket can afford)
Lets Prepare This Nigerian Jollof Rice

Step 1. Parboil the rice(i.e put the rice on the fire, off course in your pot and add water) and let it steam a little.

Step 2. While the rice is steaming, you cut your onion, get your ingredients near by, if you like you can go ahead and cut your fish, chicken etc Now, its up to you here if you want to add your fish to the boiling pot or you keep it separate i.e when the rice is ready for serving, fish is added not dished in along side the food.. Hope you grab.

Step 3. Bring down the rice, use a rice filter and fetch it out of the pot to a bowl, the advantage of parboiling and sieving is reduces the much starch in the rice and filters grains of sand.

Step 4. Put the empty pot(the one that had the rice) On fire, let the water in it dry, then add your oil, add very small.. when I mean small, I don’t mean a drop enough to fry the tomatoes you have handy(I can’t give a particular measurment so as not to confuse you, using your discretion add moderate amount of oil to the pot.

Step 5. Add the two sachets of tomatoes after the oil has gotten warm for about 3 minutes, now start stir the tomatoes periodically lets say after every 2-4 seconds depending on how hot your fire is.

Step 6. After about 3 minutes, you add your sliced onion and still stir it, then after 2 minutes you add a very moderate amount of water(why I say moderate is because, if you add too much you’ll be having the rice swim in the pot) then add your 3 cubes of Maggi, add a tea spoon of pepper(See, it all depends on you), add a mild table spoon of salt.

Step 7. Taste the water(Don’t go and drink hot water mehn!!) just dip your cooking spoon inside, and hit it on your palm and taste it, if the salt is less you add a pinch. Same thing for your maggi and pepper,

Step 8. Add the white rice( that has been watching you) then stir it, if you like you add your fish or chicken now so the will settle with it, cover your pot and let it boil, be opening it from time to time, dip your spoon in the middle then bring it out and check if there’s still water inside, if the isn’t taste the rice if it is soft enough, you bring it down, if it is strong you add a little water……A LITTLE WATER, then wait till it softens.

Step 9. Take the pot off the fire, now THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART = You bring my share to my house *winks.

Hope you didn’t cook concussion?? lol.


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