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How To Kiss Perfectly » First Kiss, Kiss, Kissing, Romance

How To Kiss Perfectly


How To Kiss Perfectly: *Winks! Good day, hope you are good, I know the reason you are here, it’s to learn how to kiss right? Uhuh!! You are in the right place, Kissing is super cool mehn! the reason you are here is also because you want to leave him/her wanting you after the kiss??

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Or, You are no stranger to kissing, but you want to make this particular kiss one to be remembered, It’s for ‘reminiscing’ purposes, if you know what I mean *Wings

Now Lets Make This Killer Kiss

How To Kiss Perfectly » First Kiss, Kiss, Kissing, Romance

Step 1: Be Sure – Are you sure him/her want’s to kiss you?? but you know what? Fuck it, it’s just a kiss it wouldn’t kill you

Step 2: Make Small Tips – Here, you may be sure he/she wants the kiss, may be from the kind of chats you guys have had, the eye contact, how close you guys are, your relationship status, so here you just throw one or two tips e.g Your lips are really cool, I’ll really love to kiss you. Those kinda shit.

Step 3: Don’t Be Hasty – See, are you nervous? scared? WTF bro/sis, it is just a goddamned kiss, whats the worst that can happen?? will he/she cut your head, slice your neck, beat you up?? NOOOOOOOOOOO. So, you lean back, take deep breaths and exhale three times, and get ready to Rumble!!!

Step 4: Location – Now!!! The location you are in is it ‘Kiss Worthy’? You should answer that.

Step 5: Hold Up!!! Is your lips kissable? Is your breathe cool?? No Mouth odor? You know what?? Just brush and use mint just to be on the safe side okay?

Its Kissing Time!!!!

Step 6: Timing – You are convinced he/she wants this kiss huh? now I must tell you, unexpected kisses are the coolest and craziest mehn!!! but yet again, you need to be sure okay?

How To Kiss Perfectly » First Kiss, Kiss, Kissing, Romance
For The Guys

Step 7: Hand Contact – Now, if you are a guy, what you do now is place your palm on her cheek and chin DON’T BE NERVOUS as long as you are calm, you’ll place that palm well,

now as a girl, I usually advise you place your both hands on his shoulder then gum your body to his unless he lives under rocks, he should get the message by now.

How To Kiss Perfectly » First Kiss, Kiss, Kissing, Romance
For The Ladies

Step 8: The Tilt – Here you have leaned in by now, then you slightly tilt your head to your left or right  unless you want your nose and his to kiss!! Since you guys are goats na..lol.

Step 9: Lips Positioning – I usually advise that as a girl you take the boy’s lower lips, while he takes your upper lips, unless you want to kiss his beards/mustache.

Step 10: Lips – Sister/Brother BRING OUT YOUR GODDAMNED LIPS PLEASE!!! Don’t fold them. You know how you keep your lips whenever you are feeling serious pains and you don’t want to scream?? DON’T DO THAT SHIT.. If it’s me you are kissing I will just bite your nose..lol *Winks

Step 11: Sucking Time – Now my dear friend, its time to suck!!! SUCK THAT LIPS…..

Step 12: Pressure – See, kissing isn’t a fight o, think of it like a hand shake, If I shake you and I squeeze you hands it will be weird right? What if I am shaking you and I just touch your palm slightly and move, huh? So, remember you are not a porn star(At least not yet *Winks) You don’t want who you are kissing to go home with a scar or to not feel anything.

Step 13: The Teeth Game – Now, this is a little bit tricky and you don’t have to do it, but since you want to full gist lets try these, If you took the upper lips, you slowly bring out your top teeth and rub it on his/her upper lips top(You grab?) See, if you are not careful you are going to bite off someones lips and this you sweet kiss will turn to sweet kill.. Unless you want to start your cannibal career with him/her(I pray you don’t wanna). Then of course the lower lips goes with either upper teeth or lower teeth.

Step 14: The Tongue Game – You want him/her to remember that kiss huh?? now the tongue needs to do the job, ladies and gentlemen I welcome you to what the world calls ‘French Kiss’, Here you send your cute tongue inside their mouth, this point your lips are directly on his/hers, I mean your upper lips on his/her upper lips and same with the lower lips, you now send your emissary aka your tongue inside his or her mouth and when you put that tongue you don’t let it rest inside like a log of wood, YOU MOVE IT AROUND, you inter lock it and play with hers/his not in a weird way please.


Teasing your partner between kisses is a ton of fun! Here are a few easy techniques to try:

  • Break away from a kiss and look your partner in the eye, with a sly smile on your face.
  • Pull your lips away and gently stroke their lower lip with your thumb.
  • Keep your slightly-open mouth close to theirs and breathe in and out together.
  • Brush your lips against your partner’s, without actually kissing them.
Watch this video here.
Please, after you make the kiss, come and gist me how it went!!! bye bye!

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