How To Go Incognito On Safari MacOS and iOS

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How To Go Incognito On Safari: Almost nothing you do this days are safe, long as you are on the internet you are in one way or the other sharing your personal data with someone somewhere

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The are about two very famous ways in which you share your data, one is through cookies, sometimes you get into a site and a pop up window shows and they make some gibberish and give you the option to click ‘Accept’

The moment you click that ‘Accept’ you have given the site the opportunity to get some less important data like How you use the site, the things you search for etc and when the site gets this, it knows the kind of adverts to show you

for the records this cookie stored in your browser have good intentions, another way sites get access to your data is by analytics, here they keep track of the pages you visit on their sites etc etc

Going Incognito On Safari

Now, going incognito on safari is useful I’ll say, now when you go incognito the site is unable to keep track of your location, it wouldn’t store your browsing history, it wouldn’t store caches and cookies etc BUT YOU ARE NOT COMPLETELY SAFE.

Worrying about being completely safe should be your concern when you are about to do something really critical that time I’ll suggest you browse on how to be secured on the internet

if its just to stop your browser from keeping tracks of your history, then this post is for you. If you want to go incognito on Safari, all you have to do is

Going Incognito On Safari With Your PC.

First and foremost, one way you can do this is clear your browser history, in Safari settings. But you’d need to remember to do this every time, which could be a tiring.

Secondly, there’s another way to to make Safari private while browsing.

  • While you are online with your safari browser, go to the top menu.
  • Go to File > New Private Window from the menu bar (Another way to do this is to click Shift-Command-N using your keyboard shortcuts).
  • A new blank Safari window will open. It looks like any others, except the address bar is darker. Safari will also display that this is a private browsing window in the top.
  • Now, if you open other tabs, they should also appear in private mode. If not, then repeat the process above.
Going Incognito On Safari With Your Mobile Phone.

Private browsing works just like regular browsing except Safari won’t cache your search terms or add the pages you go to your browser history.

  1. Launch Safari Browser from your iPhone’s Home screen.
  2. Click the show pages button at the bottom right of your screen(It looks like double squares)
  3. Tap on Private in the lower left hand corner.
  4. Tap on done at the bottom right of your screen in the prompt that appears confirming you are in Private Browsing Mode.

Hope it worked out for you?

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