How To Get The New E-Yellow Card Legally

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How To Get The New E-Yellow Card: The federal government of Nigeria has recently introduced a new card aimed at combating the spread of yellow fever.

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The e-yellow card also known as International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP) is also aimed at addressing the embarrassment stemmed from the popularity of fake

Yellow card.  This new development will be official from 1st of July 2019.

What is yellow card?

The yellow card is a proof that the holder has taken vaccines against yellow fever, this is a requirement for all international travellers in and out Nigeria

Which happens to be a risk country.

Things To Note About The E-Yellow Fever Card

  1. The e-yellow fever card is a replacement(like I said up there) It is expected that all international travellers should have taken the yellow fever vaccination.
  2. From the ages of 9 months and above you are expected to have undergone a yellow fever vaccination most especially if you are from a country with risk of yellow fever transmission or you are travelling to countries with risk of yellow fever transmission countries with risk of yellow fever transmission.
  3. The yellow card proves that the holder has received the yellow fever vaccine
  4. Every international traveller is strongly advised to take the vaccine 10 days before the travel date.
  5. The bar code on the e-yellow card makes it possible to be verified in any part of the world.
  6. The authenticity of the card can be checked by making use of the Nigerian Yellow Card Portal.  You can do this by typing in the six digit number found on the card.
  7. The e-yellow card should carry the holders phone number and passport number(STRONGLY RECOMMENDED)


How To Get The New E-Yellow Card

Step 1: Click and visit

Step 2: Navigate to and Click on REGISTER

Step 3: You fill in your personal information

Step 4: Make Payment of N2000 online with your Master or Visa card OR generate your RRR(Remita)to Pay later at the Bank.

Step 5: You now print your acknowledgement letters(2-3 copies)

Step 6: Take copies of your receipts to the PORT HEALTH OFFICE.

Step 7: Present yourself for vaccination or show proves of vaccination.

Step 8:Get your E-Yellow Fever Card. How To Get The New E-Yellow Card

Important Information On Getting Your New E-Yellow Card

Please note that you must be vaccinated at least 10 days before your departure date.

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