How To Get The Best Of Amazon Prime Day In 6 Smart Ways

How To Get The Best Of Amazon Prime Day In 2 Smart Tips

Amazon Prime Day is here again, this year it kick starts on July 15th and will run for 48 hours, 12 hours longer than last year’s own. 12:00 pacific time

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These years own is definitely bigger than last year’s, we will be having competitions from not just Amazon but other retailers offering cool discounts.

Amazon prime offers you an opportunity to save up, but it also offers you an opportunity to lose massively if you don’t plan well.

No matter the shop, the key to coming out of Prime Day(s) as a boss is a PREPARATION. Surfing for stuff like Lightening deal at 1:00 am wouldn’t get you that dream 4K Tv at 60% off, having a proper idea of what you are looking for will cut you the deal.

A Comparison To Last Year Amazon Prime Day

Making deals for small appliances, luggage, etc is a smart one, Amazon keeps a heavy cover on its Prime Day coolest deals until the D-Day.

Using last year’s Amazon Prime Day, this was the deals that were crazy.

  • The Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker = $130 to $70
  • Dyson V8 Absolute Stick Vacuum = $450 to $365
  • The Instant Pot Duo 6-Quart = $100 to $60
  • The Travelpro Platinum Magna 2 22″ Rollaboard = $240 to $200 (This might not sound like a big deal, but mehn! That’s the lowest ever recorded.
  • The pricey Vitamix 5200 = $400 to $300.
  • The Jabra Move Wireless Bluetooth = $80 to $40

Don’t expect crazy deals on 4K TVs, iPads, iPhones, video game consoles, or new video games and Blu-ray movies. (Study from Last year of course)

You know how Black Friday has gone from one day to almost a week of discounted sells, Amazon Prime Day will be following this footprint. Yes! 48 hours jolly.

How To Make The Best Out Of Amazon Prime Day

1. Let’s Try This Trial
This jolly day is for its Prime users, which you know already, the Prime membership goes for $119 a year or $13 per month and gives you free two-day shipping on some purchases

Aside from its free shipping, Prime Day cool features are streaming video and photo storage. Just like Netflix, Prime Video has a switching catalog of different awesome movies and TV shows,

How To Get The Best Of Amazon Prime Day In 2 Smart Tips

and APD original content has been creating its own waves of late. Amazon Photos gives its subscribers unlimited storage for full-resolution photos; this service will be a money-saver if it allows you to cancel similar services from Apple’s iCloud or Google Photos.

So, the trick behind this first tip is to make use of Amazon Prime Membership free 30 days trial, I guess you have an Amazon tab open by now.

Apply for its 30-days free trial now to get access to its prime offers, if you don’t enjoy being a premium member set a reminder to cancel your membership before the 30 days elapse or you are definitely getting billed.

2. What exactly do you want to buy?
Before Prime Day eve, put down a list of what you want to get, when I say write I mean to write in details, browse extensively to know everything of that TV you want to get, Quality differs and note its official price.

3. Light Up The Morning
Lightning deals are one of the best offers Prime Day gives, they are always limited and are quickly gone for, so it’s a big tip that you start with Lightening deals if it’s on your list. Amazon has this tendency of showing you what you missed, so the speed is key… Sorry speed and smart is key. (BUT DON’T WASTE TIME WAITING FOR IT)

4. Amazon isn’t it alone! 🙄🙄
Yeah! You heard me right, Amazon definitely isn’t the only one, other retail giants like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart set out to match Amazon’s prices on appliances, TVs, and other electronics. If what you want isn’t on Amazon, hit other shops.

But your eyes should be on smaller specialty sellers and local shops for so many small brands tend to exploit the day.

5. One Year Difference Doesn’t Mean Shit!
Lets be realistic, a span of one year upgrade on a product doesn’t really make a crazy difference, unless you see a crazy deal on a 2019 product and you did your research well, a 2019 TV and a 2018 TV wouldn’t make much difference in services, while its price will differ.

6. It’s either A or A
Here, if you want a toaster, go for a toaster don’t go for a toaster bundled with a fridge(If it exist 😉) Unless your cash can carry it and they offer mad deals there. For example a 90-day expiration.

Also Note… Most Items are discounted because of age.. Be smart!

Source from NYtimes.

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