How To Get Ready For A Date | 10 Perfect Tips For Guys

How To Get Ready For A Date For Guys

How To Get Ready For A Date For Guys: You are all rusty and stuffs, its been centuries since you went for a date, you just asked her out and its time to kill it.

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Looking hot on this date is a must, giving her a memorable experience is a goal if all this is what you want I got you, bro, let’s do this.

Tips To Get Ready For A Date

In no particular order, I’ll be listing the steps or boxes to tick for you to get ready for a date, read the whole post before you start acting

You are going to kill this date to trust me. Don’t also forget this, you are a man and handling shit is what you do for a living, so no matter the outcome of this date

Staying calm and being in control is everything, but before we dive into this aspect, lets tick these boxes below.

1. Shower Shower Shower

Trust me, you need this. Showering is like the integral of this post, everything on this post works around showering.

When I say shower, I don’t mean your regular morning bath, I mean the type of shower where you use shaving cream most especially in your armpit and pubic areas, make use of proper body and hair wash. Just bath, please 😉.

2. Plan For Christ Sake

O yeah! All this topic is saying here is, you’ve gotta plan what to wear, know the right attire for this date, the normal suit and tie is perfect but not always the best, going corporate is it.

How To Get Ready For A Date For Guys, Some dressing tips
Source: Pinterest(Some perfect dating outfit)

This also has to do with who and where you are going to and with. You don’t have to start planning a day to the Date day, not even two days a week to it is perfect.

In some conditions, the date might be pretty urgent, planning will help, as you buy clothes always create wardrobe space for clothes that could come in handy during a date.

3. Check Them Out

You’ve planned what to wear, probably a mental note of what is ideal for this date, its time we try them on, having a male friend around is cool but having a female(sister, etc) is on a whole new level of cool.

This moment you test every possible attire you’ll love to wear, use your mirror if you can’t have a male around, I suggest you visit Pinterest to have an idea of the ideal men wear for a date. Pinterest has saved my ass a lot 😉. Trust me to get ready for a date this is paramount.

4. Are You Confident With Your Smell?

I guess you are, are others? oh! You aren’t sure? Well to be on the safe side, this is the time you work on your smell, go out there and choose the best cologne my idea of ‘the best cologne’ is one that leaves you with a light smell. I am not suggesting you go for one with a very powerful smell

Or you may piss off the lady as one who is should I say ‘FAKE’. Pick a perfect men cologne and have it ready. Don’t go for all this cologne that promise to make a woman fall.. I don’t trust them.

5. Hello! Dear Father Abraham

Its time you shave, put a little touch to your beards, get a razor and trim them. If you don’t fancy trim them all off then shape them and use a beard oil so they appear shiny and soft. If you prefer taking everything off, make sure you use a proper aftershave to avoid bumps on your face.

6. Wait, You Leaving The Teeth?

No way, No F* way, you have to attend to your teeth, we need them to be at their best, they need to be sparkling I mean let your teeth compete with the sun and snow 😉 . Make sure you brush your teeth properly and use mouth wash also.

7. Clothes Before Hair

This is the 11th hour before the date, you have had your bath and applied body lotion, now what next? You wear your clothes, stand in front of a mirror and dress up. Don’t comb your hair yet cause if you comb before dressing, chances are there you might ruin it.

After dressing up you attend to your hair, comb it properly then make use of your cologne, spray under your armpit, spray on your wrist and if you don’t mind spray on your hair.

8. Relax King, She isn’t Running

You are done preparing huh? Time to take a chill pill in this case this chill pill will be both mint and otherwise, tell a friend to get you mint or cool sweets to give a fresh breath,

while taking them sit in a well-ventilated place to avoid sweating then watch the TV or chat with a friend, don’t do anything that will make you sweat or make you breathe fast.

9. Oops! Your Nails

If I were to have listed these tips orderly, then Nails would have come earlier. Trim your nails, don’t go there looking like Wolverine’s elder brother.

10. Let The Teeth Do The Talking

All I am saying here is, Just smile. Please smile, smile okay? Thank you.

Who knows where this might come in handy, you just learned how to get ready for a date, learn how to kiss perfectly, who knows where the date will lead too.


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