How to Get a Crystal Clear Skin


How to Get a Crystal Clear Skin: As a lady, I know I worry about how my skin looks all the time, does my face look rough?

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Do I look unrest? Do I have acne? How do I look? Do I have a clear Skin? I always have these thoughts but it’s only natural.

I believe men also have these thoughts. Maintaining a clear complexion is not always an easy task, especially if you have acne-prone skin.

Even worse, your skincare treatment could be the cause of your breakouts. So I’m coming up with this with every gender in mind.

How To Get That Crystal Clear Skin

You’re probably wondering, how do I get a crystal clear skin naturally? Guess what guys I’m bringing it right to you.

A few days countdown and voila!!!! Crystal clear skin!  But first of all, you have to know your Skin type; do you have a Normal skin? A dry Skin? An oily skin? Combination Skin? Sensitive Skin? This routine works for all skin types.

So here we go….

1. Always wash your face before going to bed

A lot of ladies have face wipes and all sorts of facial aids to help them carry out this action. But I put it to you that you need to use water, Wash your face with soap and water, you can only use these facial wipes on nights that you’re too lazy to stand up and get a bath.

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2. Be gentle

We all have different ways in which we scrub or wash our bodies, but I advise that you reduce this motion when you get to your face, if possible I advise you get a different facial sponge or some kind of towel and gently wash your face with it. If you decide to use your hands ensure they are clean.

3. Exfoliate

This clearly just means wash or rub (part of the body) with a granular substance to remove dead skin cells such as cosmetic powders, some pharmaceuticals, and products with alpha-hydroxy and lactic acids make you look radiant and glow.

  • Apply an acne-fighting agent: According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) AAD. There are varieties of acne-fighters you can use depending on the acne you have.
  •  Comedonal acne (blackheads and similar bumps). Look for products that contain retinoids like adapalene gel (Differin).
  • Mild acne. Topical benzoyl peroxide can help fight mild acne, either on its own or together with a topical retinoid.
  • Inflammatory acne. Topical dapsone 5 percent gel is recommended, particularly in adult females.
  • Acne with scarring. Azelaic acid preparations can help reduce acne and the risks of acne scarring.
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4. Choose a makeup that won’t clog your pores

Research has made it clear that a large percentage of people who use cosmetics are prone to skin breakouts. To ensure your skin is fine with the cosmetics you use;

Make sure to use products labeled oil-free and non-comedogenic, always remove makeup before going to bed or workouts, Wash makeup brushes or sponges on a weekly basis.

5. Don’t pick at your skin

I put it to you that we’re all guilty of this act. I pick at my skin all the time especially when I notice a little something on my face. But picking or popping a zit exposes the pore to even more bacteria, including those from your hands. It also increases the risk of infection.

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6. Reduce your sugar Intake

In as much as I know most of us to hate to hear this, but it is what it is dear. Take it easy on the sugar. Although there’s limited research on the connection between your diet and your skin there are lots of food we know contains a high glycemic index which is related to acne.

7. Drink water Guys

This would’ve been at the top, but we all drink water anyway but I say you drink more water. This keeps you healthy and not just your skin.

It helps maintain the optimal body temperature, keeping the skin moist. It hydrates and replenishes the skin tissues leading to an increase in the skin’s elasticity.

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8. Switch your pillowcase

I hate to add laundry to your to-do list, but keeping your pillows clean is a top beauty secret. I mean our pillowcases touch our faces more than anything else so it’s important we keep it clean.

Pillows can hang on to dirt, oil, bacteria from our faces, hair, and even our environment. Try to swap your pillowcase at a week interval.

9. Make a DIY peel

We’re probably wondering what this is, Homemade peels are more reliable so are homemade masks, Mix two teaspoons of baking soda with one teaspoon of water, and squeeze in a little lemon juice.

Apply it to your face and let it dry for five minutes before rinsing with water. After which you take a few minutes and look at your radiant skin.

How to Get a Crystal Clear Skin » clear skin, Glowing Skin, Skin, Skin Care
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I Have thousands of ideas you could use to accomplish this crystal clear skin, but too many writings might get you so bored so I picked out the really important ones,

so I put it to you that if you do these with determination in just a matter of weeks you’d notice the difference in your skin…If you want more tips on this to leave a comment.

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