How To Find Jobs Near You Effortlessly With Google

How To Find Jobs Near You Easily With Google

How To Find Jobs Near You Easily With Google: The internet is getting crazier day by day, it keeps getting broad, development is on the move 24/7 and the tech search giant Google

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Are at the square front. Google is ranked as the biggest search engine in the world( 2018). It is said that Google makes over 3.5billion searches in a day

And has the highest index of websites ever, Google team keeps looking for ways to stay at the top of their game by being very innovative.

This post will be teaching you about one of Google’s crazy innovation which is a job finder for anybody.

What Is Google Job Finder?

Jobs Near Me” is the ideal query to access this innovation, with google Job finder, one could get hooked up with jobs close to him/her

You could use this tool to find jobs even far from you and it is very easy to use. Coupled with Google Alert, one can also keep tracks of jobs opening anywhere in the world.

Tips To Note To Find Jobs Near You

Below are a handful of tips you should consider before you make that job finding move. Get a pen and paper and write down the headings and keep a box near it, you’ll tick if you pass them.

1. What Exactly Do I Want?

It’s not rocket science, one has to know exactly what they want before undertaking this task. You have to be sure of the kind of job you want, even if you are looking for a temporal job to fend for yourself, you still need yourself what exactly you want to do. Self-explanatory I guess?

Have you ticked this box?

2. I’ve Got The Skill Right?

Have you the right skill for this job? You know for someone to post a job on Google, the person wants nothing but quality, you need to be very sure you have the skills for the job you want to do. In cases where you aren’t skilled enough, to save yourself and the HR stress, it’s time you step up the skills a notch.

Ready to tick this box?

3. What Does The World Know Me As 🤔🤔🤔

No! You are not a celebrity, and yes the world knows you. How? It’s simple unless you have been in a cave for 3 decades, you must have heard or seen proves of this statement that “The World Is A Global Village”

When you say village, you mean a small gathering of individuals, you are probably wondering how the world is a village when from Nigeria to the USA is really far, well it is this

SOCIAL MEDIA! Social media is here to stay, like it or not, we are no longer in the industrial age, ladies and gents welcome to the age know as Information, Digital and IDEA age.

In this age, Social Media is integral, it is here to stay. When you apply for a job, major companies search for your profiles on all social media to know a thing or two about you, your reasoning faculty, your views, etc It might sound like this

Isn’t relevant, but mehn! Trust me it is, so it’s always advisable that if you are seeking a job from a big firm, your social media accounts should be sanitized at least.

It’s no news that the United States Embassy now checks your social media before getting you a visa.

4. Is It Journey For The Money Or Not?

Yeah! Decided by now huh? When you use the search query ‘Jobs Near Me’ you are telling Google to provide you with Jobs Near You, yeah! JOBS NEAR THE LOCATION YOU HAVE ON GOOGLE

and trust me, Google knows where you stay, they use this to optimize your search results and customize your ads. So, this topic is asking if you are ready to go far or stay near.

If you want jobs far and you offered jobs near its a No that’s if you are not prepared and a Yes! If you are ready to JOURNEY FOR THE MONEY.

5. You Own An Email, Right?

You definitely do, if you don’t open one today and do that fast.

6. Optimize your CV

Hope you have a great CV?? You need that trust me, get your CV optimized and TYPE IT IN A WORD DOCUMENT if possible, we are in a digital age don’t forget.

7. We Need A Cover Letter.

Heck yeah! You need to have a cover letter, a very outstanding cover letter, follow this link to learn how to write a cover letter and type your cover letter also, we might need it.

Hey Google, show me “Jobs Near Me”

Yeah! It’s time to get that job from Google. They are two ways to go about this.

To Find Unspecific Jobs Near You

If you are just in search of anything to hold onto for a while, this section is for you.

What I mean here is, you don’t have any particular interest in mind, just looking for options to make a choice. How this works is, the Jobs suggestions will be jobs that are near you, not jobs from far.

Step 1: On your location on your device, in most cases, it is in your drop-down menu from your screen. When you put on this location, Google will be able to determine where you are and give you a job suggestion around you.

How To Find Jobs Near You Easily With Google
What The Location Looks Like On Android

Step 2: On your data/network/bandwidth and head to

Step 3: In the search bar, type “Jobs Near Me” or “Jobs”.

Step 4: A list of Jobs will appear, go ahead and scroll to find the job that suits you, click on see more to See More job opportunities.

To Find Specific Jobs

Here, we are to find a particular job. Let’s say You are looking for a Software Engineering Job on Facebook In USA. They are two methods to do this, the first is almost similar to the above steps then something deeper.

Step 0: Follow the steps in the topic above until step 4

Step 5: Google offers you the tool to filter the jobs listed there.

Click on “More Filter” then customize the search engine to get you what you want.


How To Find Jobs Near You Easily With Google
Filtering Time!!!


A Deeper Way To Find Specific Jobs With Google

Here we are going to customize the Google search engine to work for us. This topic demands a real understanding of how Google search engine works.

Visit this link to learn a thing or two on how a google search engine works.

Our aim here is to get something like this in Google search box

“Managerial assistant” job (lagos OR Calabar) bank -“Eco Bank Nigeria””


Let’s break it down, I’ll call it functions. Let’s say this was a search query by Mr. Gilbert and NOTE: Everything including symbols matter

Function 1: “Managerial assistant” = This function tells google the type of job you want, in this case, Mr. Gilbert wants a job as a “Managerial Assistant” so he types that into the search bar and yes, with the quotations.

Function 2: (lagos OR calabar) = Mr. Gilbert wants to work in either Lagos state or Calabar city, so he tells google by adding it there.

Function 3: bank = Gilbert is equipped with banking skills, he is pretty sure that he has what it takes to work in the bank, so this function tells google that it’s a bank work he wants. So Gilbert here wants a Managerial Work In A Bank Located In Calabar And/Or Lagos.

Function 4: -“Eco Bank Nigeria” = Gilbert probably has beef with Eco Bank and wants nothing to with them, or he is not a lover of Eco Bank, so he lets google know by adding the – (minus) in front of the quotations before the name.

Function 5:” = This function tells google NOT TO SUGGEST JOBS FROM THIS SITES. In Nigeria, these sites are sites were job employers post their jobs too, so Gilbert will prefer jobs directly from his employer’s site, Maybe Mr. Gilbert doesn’t trust these sites.

This query is really complicating but Google is a badass so heck yeah!! They’ve got you covered.

This site here has a lot to say on this trick, check them out.

Instructing Google To Work For You

You heard me right! In this section, you’ll learn how to make google inform you of opportunities.

Learn How To Use Google Alert Here.


Hope I was Able To Help.

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