How To Find Contacts In Gmail

contacts on your gmail

How To Find Contacts In Gmail: I for an example stores all my mobile contacts on my gmail, I do this with an automatic synchronization process that comes with all android phones

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Well, on this post I’ll be showing you how to access all your gmail contacts.

Steps To Find Contacts In Gmail

Step 1:  First you have to get a pc/laptop or computer ready if you don’t have any handy but have just an android phone, don’t panic.

Step 2  : Login to your gmail account.

Step 3 : Click on the app icon at the top of your monitor.( It is always at the far right hand side of your screen, it look like dots close to your account’s picture)

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Accessing your gmail contact

Step 4 : Now look closely at the drop down menu, you’ll see a ‘Contact’ icon, click on it.contacts on your gmail

Step 5 : Import or export its up to you.

Accessing Gmail Contacts Without A Pc.

Accessing your gmail contact without having a pc but just an android phone, is also very possible all you have to do is just follow this trick below.

Step 1 : Download the latest Chrome browser for android (That’s if you don’t have it already)

Step 2 : Open a new tap

Step 3 : Click on the options menu located at the top right hand part of the screen (it looks like this ⋮ )Chrome browser that has options behind it

Step 4 : Then click the ‘Desktop Site’ option Desktop site in chrome

Step 5 : Now scroll up/back to the top and follow the steps there.

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