How To Fall Asleep Easily In 9 Quick Steps

How To Fall Asleep Easily

How To Fall Asleep Easily: Sometimes we want to hit the bed and go to sleep in real speed, but then our body chooses to keep us up for a while.

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You know that feeling where you are really sleepy, you get your bed dressed change into your pajamas and tuck in your blanket to go to dream land, but your body tells you “No Perry, No Sleep For You”

If you’re ready to force that body to sleep, I have got you covered

Ways To Quickly Fall Asleep

This methods have been researched on and a major cheet sheet here is from the United States Navy who guarantee that in two minutes you’ll be sleeping.

1. Time To Not Check Time

At this juncture, time becomes your enemy, mere staring at the clock will cause stress, lets say you plan to sleep for two hours and you keep checking the time,

without knowing you will have placed pressure on yourself. Time monitoring is strongly linked to stress.

 2. A Warm Shower Does A Trick

If you’ve got this believe that being warm will make you sleep, you definitely are wrong in fact it is more of the opposite.

When you are exposed to hot temperature, your body would not be able to maintain the heat and for that reason it sends blood to the surface of your skin causing you that warm.

The dilated blood vessels dilated blood vessels sends out the inner heat to your environment and your core body temperature dives down,

this triggers the body and brain to think it’s sleepy-time.

3. Coffee Is Definitely Not Your Best Friend

Its strongly advised that you avoid caffeine and nicotine. Coffee colas some tea and even chocolate can take as long as eight hours to wear out fully.

Nicotine is a stimulant so avoid them too late in the day it’s also worth avoiding eating too close to bed while some studies show avoiding diets that are excessively biased towards carbs will help it’s better to just avoid being too hungry or over fed before bedtime.

4. Your Environment Matters

It is strongly advised that you choose a perfect environment to sleep in.

The environment around your head and body plays a major role here it doesn’t only help in easing your sleep, it also gives you quality sleep.

You know that your body has to drop two to three degrees Fahrenheit or 1.5 degrees Celsius and so being colder actually helps bring your temperature down faster.

The room doesn’t have to be too cold, you aren’t a polar bear 😉.

5. Work Out With Sleep

Okay, ignore the topic but exercising and being physically tired can help you fall asleep with much ease but working out two to three hours before bed

can keep you up longer so earlier in the day is better and same goes with naps actually they’re perfect but don’t take them after 3 p.m. or it’ll be harder to fall asleep at night

6. You’ve gotta relax mehn!

I insist that you make sure you’re actually in a relax mode before bed time. If you try to sleep when not relaxed your brain just won’t be ready.

Taking one or two relaxing activities will go a long way here, you could read, or stop your self from thinking entirely.

7. Let The Music Speak

Playing super cool tunes could get you to dream land, put on that cool music I mean the type of music that sends you to sleep hard blues and RnB please dear stay far away from hip-hop or afrobeats.

How To Fall Asleep easily while listening to cool music

8. Lights Please

make sure you’re getting sun exposure during the day and minimizing your light exposure during the evening you’ve probably been told not to use your screen before bed which is true but it’s equally as important to get natural sunlight for at least 30 minutes a day if you have problems falling asleep this helps to condition your body’s schedule and trigger tiredness at the right times

9. Bore yourself to SLEEP!

This topic says a lot, just get something that bores you to death and do it.

Still Not Feeling Sleepy? Do this

Earlier in my introduction, I did mention the Navy effect that was to come in later, we are here at that point. Sleep has refused to come it is time we go military and make it come

A famous Nigerian adage goes “If Mohammed doesn’t go to the mountain, the mountain will come to Mohammed”

Sleep has refused to come, we are now going to meet sleep.

This studies are not publicly available, but the United States Navy claim they were used on fighter pilots, who would often make avoidable mistakes as a result of stress and ultimately sleeplessness, in fact they were designed to

allow them to fall asleep even while sitting up and after six weeks they claim that ninety six percent of the pilots could fall asleep in less than two minutes.

Lets rock and roll first you need to systematically relax every part of your body take a deep breath(inhale deeply)

close your eyes and begin to focus on your face, picture every muscle slowly relaxing if you need help squish, and squint your face first and then let it relax breathe out as you feel your cheeks tongue mouth and jaw relaxed even

imagining your eyes sinking into their sockets. Then slowly make your way down your body and do the same thing to each muscle group, tighten and then relax your shoulders then arms from forearms to fingers chest and legs

and finally your feet all while breathing deeply and focusing on the relaxation once you’ve gone through the whole body focus on clearing your mind into a meditative state as thou you are practicing yoga.

Thoughts about your day or images pop into your mind try not to focus on them and let them pass. Simply thinking through motions can stimulate your muscles to involuntarily contract much like meditation don’t let this

thoughts consume you try to focus on breathing in and out, or you can visualize yourself in a common location like on a warm summer’s day in a hammock swaying slowly back and forth.

If you can’t stop your thoughts they(navy) suggest repeating “don’t think, don’t think, don’t think” for 10 seconds it may sound crazy or to basic but it’s the practice that makes perfect, and anecdotally online people have

found it to work after dedicating time to it, but the key like most things is to consistent a practice each night, it won’t be a simple solution on your first night but after weeks you’ll be much

more likely to fall asleep instantly assuming you don’t have a sleep disorder like insomnia or other condition.

There is this suggestion that is considered the single most important tip to falling asleep immediately, if you can’t follow any others follow this go to bed and wake up at the same time of day no matter what even the weekends.

I know it sucks but we’re creatures of habit and if you want to be able to fall asleep immediately getting in a good routine will set up your body, to literally work like clockwork.

Keep this tap open, when you wake come share with us how effective the article was.

I learnt a thing or two from here

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